Monday, October 01, 2007

-Latest Project-

Living with a house a few hundred yards behind your own dwelling isn't that bad. When new neighbors move in, that's not always bad either. But, when new neighbors, to the tune of 16 human beings plus 12 dogs start swarming the place, it caused this family to make a trip to Lowe's.

A New Fence in the Making!!!
The first and most difficult phase, digging the post holes- 16 of them, by hand. Each hole was 28" deep . I felt bad for Mark out there working so hard, so I even tried my hand at digging a couple. I may have lasted 15 minutes. :-)

Finally getting the boards up. The easiest part of the project!!!

Our completed privacy fence---120 ft. of it!!!

We do actually try to be very 'neighborly' to our neighbors. All of them. :-) I gave them produce from the garden, their kids have been over a few times to play :-{ This summer their water was temporarily turned off so they asked if they could use our outside faucet for just a couple of buckets. What do you say when there are that many people and it's 95 degrees plus out. SURE!! When we got our water bill the next month it was nearly double. HHMMM-- Wonder if someone used a little more while we were gone every night to camp??? It was time to "draw the line". :-)

Random pics. from our fall fun so far.

Our first of hopefully several batches this season. YUM!!!

Our camp cook-out, hayride.

Delicious popcorn balls one of the ladies brought.

Watching the Walnut Festival Parade. Another fall family tradition.


GT Burley's said...

Hi there everyone! You are making me hungry! We sure love fall! By the way I think you're going to love your new "privacy" fence. Love to you all! Tina

Angie Davis said...

We have nice neighbors, but the ones on the north side could use curtains on their bathroom window. I think I'm going to need years of therapy...

Adam & Val said...

Very nice privacy fence! Your caramel apples look very yummy!

Les said...

Send some apples my way! I'm still trying to figure out 16 humans and 12 dogs!!!!

Martha C said...

Ouch for the water bill. I can understand the fence, too. Do these people by any chance have roosters or chickens?! :-)

~Heather~ said...

I like the privacy fence Mark made, he did a good job. I'm sure it was A LOT OF WORK! Your neighbors sound very interesting! =) I sort of understand the neighbors needing WATER situation! For about 2-3 months a family (actually we later learned 3 or 4 families) who live on the next street sent their children almost daily to our house with 5 gallon, and sometimes 10 gallon jugs to get water. (They would bring the two 5 gallon jugs IN A BABY STROLLER!) We got sick of answering our doorbell. Thank the Lord, they must have gotten their water fixed, or forgot where we live. =)

Thanks for the congratulations on our baby! We're very excited!!!! (And I'm sooo sick!)
The caramel apples look yummy!
Love y'all, Heather

Brenda said...

Wow - the fence looks great! That's awful about the water. I made a triple batch of the caramel apple dip for the students at Phonathon tonight. They must have loved it since the large crockpot was nearly gone.

Holly said...

Wow, that Mark. He is such a handy guy! I must confess that I still have a hard time seeing him as anything other than "little" Mark Burley, as carefree as the wind. ANd now he has a wife and kids and annoying neighbors! :-) (I know you didn't say annoying, I did. Sorry. LOL) Anyway, looks like he did a great job. I'm impressed. It would be nice if sometime in this life we would all end up home at the same time. I would love to see you all. Talk to you later. Holly

Kendall & Leanna said...

Great job on the fence Mark. I'm sure you all are loving the privacy. :)

Bob said...

Hey, Mark and Jana

Havent talked you all in forever. Glad to see you are keeping Mark busy and out of trouble. Tell the big man i said hello. Your kids are adorable. I have two now Dylan who is six and Jillian who is two.

Bob Waggoner