Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baby Shower

Sunday after the evening service, our church blessed us with a very nice baby shower!! It's always so nice to be remembered and get some new things, esp. with baby #4. Khara and Kelsey were very excited to be getting more "little things". Kelsey leaned over and asked me at least 3 times during the service, "How long until the party?" I finally told her, " Kelsey I am not the preacher, I don't know". "Shall we stand" were welcomed words to her ears!! :-)

One of the games we played-- people brought baby pictures of themselves. They were all on envelopes numbered and we tried to guess who they were. Much harder than I would have thought!!
The wonderful gifts!

In other news, it sounds like Kaden will have no problem adjusting to having a baby brother. I was talking to him about it this morning and he asked if he would be able to play with him. I asked him if he would be a sweet boy. Kaden said, "Yeah, I'll be nice. I'm going to cut his hair." I said, "OH, NO!!!". "Yes I am", he said, "I'm going to cut it all off on one side". SO, if when you see us the baby wears a hat 24/7.....;-)

Monday, January 21, 2008

"Happy Monday"

Today we start another week~yeah!!! Last week was verrrry busy, lots of fun, but busy. This is what we did:

Monday I had a Dr. apt. The baby measured at 38 weeks which doesn't mean that it will come early but rather that my chances of having a little 6lb. baby are nil-to-none. :-) I'm due one month from today!!!!

Anytime we go to Nevada we try to meet up with this great guy! Kaden LOVES it!!

Tuesday I went to my first ever card making party. Now that could almost get addictive, especially when kids were welcome. She had all the supplies laid out, and we just got to chat and "work" away while the kids played.

Thursday I got my "Deal of the Week". I had been eyeing these dishes for a couple of weeks after Christmas at a local store hoping they would clearance them even more than they were. Thursday they ran a special of 75% off plus an additional 20% off!! Just too good to pass up!!! I was thrilled to discover they still had them when I got to the store. I was able to get 13 plates plus several other pieces to go with the set. My first Christmas $ well spent. :-) (Kaden just knew we needed to use them that night for supper).

Mark also surprised me with an early baby gift~ a very, very cute diaper bag!! I was thrilled with his purchase!!!!

Friday, Kelsey and Kaden went to a friend's b-day party. I think this was Kaden's first B-day party to attend. Brave mom to have a house of 2-5 year-olds and feed them Chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting.:-) They had a great time!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


WOW--Are the holidays busy or what??!! I was finally feeling caught up on some things and ready to post and then our internet connection went down for several days this week. Talk about feeling "disconnected"!!! :-) Thanks to a great phone company, we are now up and running.

I feel so behind in posting that I'll just post several random pictures from the past few days so that I feel caught up. :-)

I mentioned in an earlier post that Mark was going duck hunting for the first time, but I'm afraid not last. :-) Well, the hunt was a success!! I now have some duck meat carefully tucked away in the freezer. I usually have a very strong stomach, but for some reason I didn't handle the sight/smell of this meat very well. :-} I'm thinking it will be making it's way out to my parents house (as soon as I can remember to take it) to let them experiment with it on us. Kaden has told me several times he wants to "eat that duck" or else Molly (0ur dog that's salivating in the picture background), would have already received a delicious treat. :-)

Ready to go to church the Sunday before Christmas.

Our family Christmas. Kelsey looks like she had been patiently waiting for awhile.

One of Khara's main requests for Christmas was "chapter books". She was thrilled to receive 14 of them. (Thanks to e-bay ;-). She is quite the bookworm!!! (which I am thrilled with)


Very happy to be the mother of Choo-Choo dolls.

Did anyone else fall into the moon sand trap this year?? Actually, my kids love it,(Philip and Mark seemed to enjoy it as well) it just requires a little more clean-up time than other things. Is that why I let them play with it at my parents house??....

Englund family Christmas opening stockings, gifts, and also the packages from Aaron and Brenda who were not able to be here this year for Christmas.

My mom helping Kaden with a really neat blanket/sleeping bag she got for him that rolls up into a backpack. Came in very handy on our cold trip to Michigan.

My dad, very pleased with the GPS he got.

Kelsey and Khara each got new Bibles from Grandma and Grandpa Englund. Kelsey wanted Dana to start reading to her out of it.

Kendall and Leanna were not able to come for Christmas either. Khara, Kelsey, and Kaden loved getting a big box in the mail from them. :-)

Very happy with the hoodies Kendall and Leanna got them.

Kaden getting ready to open his gift from them.

Michigan family Christmas. Kaden LOVES to play Uno Attack and actually ended up winning this game.
Kelsey gets to hold new cousin Allison~ and is thrilled!! She loves babies!!

Kelsey helping Kaitlynn break in some of her new gifts.

Gotta love games!!!

Three generations.

Now we are back into the swing of school:
Khara with Principal Mrs. Lanser

We were very happy to get a letter in the mail from Khara's school last week telling us that Khara had been chosen as "Good Citizen" for her second grade class for 2nd quarter. What made us even more happy is that she received this honor for 1st quarter as well!! :-)Some of the ElDo Elem. good citizens.