Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baby Shower

Sunday after the evening service, our church blessed us with a very nice baby shower!! It's always so nice to be remembered and get some new things, esp. with baby #4. Khara and Kelsey were very excited to be getting more "little things". Kelsey leaned over and asked me at least 3 times during the service, "How long until the party?" I finally told her, " Kelsey I am not the preacher, I don't know". "Shall we stand" were welcomed words to her ears!! :-)

One of the games we played-- people brought baby pictures of themselves. They were all on envelopes numbered and we tried to guess who they were. Much harder than I would have thought!!
The wonderful gifts!

In other news, it sounds like Kaden will have no problem adjusting to having a baby brother. I was talking to him about it this morning and he asked if he would be able to play with him. I asked him if he would be a sweet boy. Kaden said, "Yeah, I'll be nice. I'm going to cut his hair." I said, "OH, NO!!!". "Yes I am", he said, "I'm going to cut it all off on one side". SO, if when you see us the baby wears a hat 24/7.....;-)


Dixie said...

What a really cute cake! It sounds like you may have interesting days ahead! I am a friend of Brenda's and Jodi's sister.


Liz said...

I also love that cake! Very sweet!

How old is Kaden? I'm wondering how my 2 1/2 year old will do - he's quite a mama's boy right now . . . When I hold him he has to be lying on my baby belly - no sitting on the shrinking, sliding lap . . . He wants close all the time!

The ladies here at church want to do a shower as well. It will be very helpful.

Hope things are going all right for you!


Jana said...

Kaden will be 3 the end of May. I'm sure we will have lots of stories with "2 year old little boys that get a brother". :-)

Enjoy your baby shower!! Seems like things are even more fun when you have other children to enjoy them with as well.


Luanna J. Wright said...

I hope that you all have a great time with this new little one. Number #4 is on the way for us too!!!!!

We are really excietd!

LoVe you guys! Tell the girls Hi!:)


Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it! I'm thinking we pray for our new little ones protection from too much sibling "love":)!

Stephanie said...

Too cute, Kaden! I can imagine he was very serious, too! We've never had much trouble with "toddler" haircuts, but the other day I found Kaitlynn just getting ready to do a number on the front of her hair with the fingernail clippers! Yikes!
It was so nice for you to get a shower on #4! I always feel bad when it comes to that little section of the baby book...the last three have been empty! Oh, well, nothin' like wearin' cute little clothes with drool and poopy stains from the older sibs!

Kendall & Leanna said...

Glad you got a baby shower. love the cake too! You better put away all the scissors before for awhile. :)

Nancy said...

Too funny! You never know what kids might have in mind for their siblings!That is so nice you got a shower! I loved the cake...very cute. THe game sounded really fun too. What a neat idea.

Shawna said...

Jana, you could have this one one the 6th! It's my b-day and also Ronald Reagan's. Not a bad day!! And a little early at that...what do you think? =)

Brenda said...

That cake IS cute! Did someone at the church make it or did they have it done? That game with the baby pictures is a really neat idea. Looks like you really got some nice gifts!

Luanna J. Wright said...

When do you think this little one will be on its way!

Mom would love it if it was on her birthday!

Erin said...

Beautiful cake. You have a few more years of no sleep yet to go. I am actually looking forward to those days.

Could I have your email address? mine is


Sharra said...

Thats so nice that you received another baby shower. I had only one, with the first. I'm sure Kaden will do just fine with a baby brother. Can't wait to hear the good news of his arrival!