Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas from the Burley's!!!!!

"Simply having a WONDERFUL Christmastime!!!!!"

Monday, December 12, 2011

Delightful December!!!

Wow-- what a busy month. So far this month:

Mark turned the big --35--!!!!
We celebrated at Lambert's Restaurant:

We love this place: the atmosphere, the food, those rolls sailing everywhere... great place to eat!!

then enjoyed the sights at Bass Pro for a couple of hours.

Kaden had his 1st grade Christmas program--

5 and 6 year old's dressed up looking very nice!!

Kaden got to experience another 1st this Saturday. He very willingly crawled out of bed at 5:15 a.m. and went duck hunting with his incredible daddy and a couple of fellow UPS'ers. (Mark's hunting buddies). The hunt was successful (thankfully) and Kaden got to experience it to the fullest. Sitting in the blind, seeing the dog working in full action, and bringing home the birds. Another hunt that he now LOVES!!! He can't decide what he likes best now: turkey, deer, or duck hunting!!! He was pretty impressed that with duck hunting you can talk, LOUD! ;-)
Another great thing about December... Mark brings home all kinds of goodies from customers who appreciate him! :-)

Until next time... Merry Christmas from the Burleys!!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Englund Gatlinburg Thanksgiving

With Christmas just two weeks from T.O.D.A.Y!!!! I wanted to squeeze a couple of late posts into my blog before things get even more busy. I kind of keep my blog as a little family photo album at times, so I don't want to leave too many gaps in our happenings!! :-)

This year for Thanksgiving, my extended met at a cabin in Gatlinburg!! I had never been to Gatlinburg before (with Branson just 2 hours away, we had never made the trip) and fell in LOVE!!! What a beautiful place!!Our "home" for a few days.

Out for a walk-- wonderful weather and beautiful scenery!!

Cookie decorating at the Christmas Store.

A favorite activity of some of the little people was looking over onto the crowd below. Notice grandma's grip. ;-)


Mark and adorable Addy.

One of the highlights of the trip was seeing a couple of bear cubs in a tree right beside the road. We stopped and took some pictures. Someone warned of the mother being close by and we made a quick retreat to the vehicle.

Brenda doin' a fine job of carvin' the ham!! :-)


More "lookin-over" time. When you see Jeff, ask him about yellin' out and then throwing a pillow over the edge-- uugghhh!!! MORE gray hair (and LOOTTTTS of laughs!!!)

Playing pool was the activity of choice for several hours that weekend by the guys.

So blessed to have four of the best sisters in the world!!!

What a wonderful week-- Can't wait to go back!!!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Kaden's 1st Hunt

Mark found out yesterday something that made a little 6-year old boy very happy!!! Kaden was able to go on his first youth deer hunt today. Mark had been thinking that 7 was the "Conservation Correct Age"--nope, 6 year-olds get to try it. Anyway... they left bright and early this morning. Came back several hours later, unsuccessful. They went out again this afternoon and after about 3 minutes in the tree stand, Kaden shot his first buck. To say he was thrilled is probably an understatement!! :-)

Kaden with his prized possession!! We went and met them in the field so that we could watch all the gory work. ;-) Khara loved seeing it field dressed and wanted to help, Kelsey... not so much!

Calling Grandma to share the news. I LOVE his T.H.R.I.L.L.E.D. facial expression!!!

Both sides of the buck's antlers had been broken off in fights!!

"We're from the country and we LOVE it that way!!" :-)

Memories to last a lifetime.....

Friday, November 04, 2011

--A Fun Halloween--

Another night of trick-or-treating has come and gone, and my four kiddos loved it!!! Just something about dressing up, putting on a little face paint, and going around town getting a little sugar from acquaintances thrills them!!! :-)

Checking out some of the inventory!! What a fun night!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

September Review!!

Wow-- it's hard to believe we are well on our way into October. September was a fun-filled month... here's our picture review.

Some of our activities:

Karson trying out a new type of painting, using wheels of different cars/trucks/tractors. The more tread, the better.

Finding a birds nest-- PrAyInG that it was EMPTY when I knocked it down for the little man.

After putting his clothes in the washer he somehow got in there with them , and was amused with his accomplishment. :-)

This is more my preferred method of getting children clean.
Clean little boys. That's a miracle in itself, yeah?? :-)

We've enjoyed some beautiful days at the park. LOVE this weather!!!

People pyramids: Karson looks comfortable, Mark... not so much!

Enjoyed the great Walnut Festival. One of the highlights, besides the massive amount of candy from the 2 hour parade, was getting to try their hand at making pottery.

How could September be complete without Friday night football??:

Yep, our school colors happen to be red& black!! Never mind that my shirt says Cincinnati, it was the colors we were after. Mark got the wording right on his. ;-)

I enjoyed a wonderful birthday!! Children make all celebrations so much more fun!!

Library story time with this familiar character:

Khara had spirit week in Middle School before the Homecoming game on Friday night.
Nerd day!!! I think a person's confidence level can really show through with events like this. Let's just say.... I'm pleased with her level. ;-)

Mismatch Day!!

--Wish I would have taken a picture of her on some of the more normal looking days-- Cowboy Day, School Spirit Day... guess they didn't stand out to me quite as much. :-) Anyway, she REALLY enjoyed this week!!!

Headin' to the game! Another Friday night of football!! Again, wish I would have gotten a group pic. of the kiddos. They were certainly showing that school spirit.

Well, that wraps up our September review. Have a wonderful Thursday!!!