Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Summer Youth Camp Memories/Englund Cousins

Flipping thru the pics. on my camera, I came across these great summer memories.  

Mark and I were Junior team sponsors at Youth Camp this year and LOVED it!!!  Khara and Kelsey were both on teams, Kaden and Karson just hung with us!!  A great way to spend a week!!!

 This precious boy gave us lots of "memory making" events that week!!

 Our great team!!

 Khara with friends and one of her sponsors.

 Scripture memorization is a big part of camp.  This team member really started whipping out the verses. After he had surpassed the "100 verse" mark, Mark determined that if he could say 100, surely he could make it to 200!!!!  And,,,, he did!!!! He was so proud, and so were we!!!

 He ended up being top verse quoter for the Juniors!!!

 Kelsey loved camp!!!

Another great week this summer, having the cousins visit!!!

 Camen+Karson,+Kaden=  3 peas in a pod!!!

 Girl fun!!

 Cute little men, headin' to church!!!

The boys wanted to sleep in their tents one night, so we had an "indoor camp out" .    The best kind??  :-)

A fun, fun couple of weeks!!!!

Fall Fun!!

Fun Fall Activities:

I just love school parties.  Kelsey and Kaden both had their fall parties last week.  Nachos, caramel apples, and little smokies made happy 5th graders.

"Push the pumpkin with the broom" relay game.

Pumpkin Carving:  a well loved family tradition.

One side of the finished product.  Khara and Kelsey wanted one design on one side, Kaden and Karson chose a different design for the other side.

My VeRy excited "trick-or-treaters"!!

Karson and I decorated a little pumpkin and he entered it in the Sonic contest.  He was thrilled to win 1st place, a $20 gift card.

Kaden's class party:
Pine-cone turkeys.

A fun relay game of eating a doughnut off of the rope-- no hands allowed.  As soon as it fell off, they ran back for the next person.  2nd graders loved this!!

Some of his party snacks.  Veggie/cheese turkey.

LOVE having cousins visit.  We have so much fun with The Rehfeldts and were so happy when they came and stayed a weekend with us.

The weather was perfect for lots of outdoor play.

Celebrated my grandpa's 88th birthday.  I can only dream of being that healthy when I am 88.  Still have cows, horses, a the tractor, get hay....

Mark was happy to get this nice buck Saturday.  70* and very windy is much less than ideal weather for hunting but he was able to take this one down before 7a.m.

Just a little snippet of our recent happenings..... :-)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pictures By Brenda!!!!

A couple of weeks ago Aaron and Brenda were able to come out for a few days.   Sunday after church we made a very impromptu stop by the park for a few pictures.  I'm so glad she happened  to have her camera with her!!  We had no intentions of having family pictures taken, but I'm so glad she offered!!! Talk about the most stress free pictures ever!!!!! :-)

 Again, Thanks so much, Brenda!!!! Can't wait to get some of these printed!!!!!

.......and they all lived happily ever after!!!!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Karson in the Kitchen

Interrupting the Summer Review series to post about Karson.....

I had a few bananas in the freezer so I asked Karson if he would like to make some Banana Bread.  "No, I want to make ummm..."  And he ran to his closet and came back with this shirt,  "....this kind"

"OH... Monkey Bread"!!!  :-)

Open the biscuits....

Cut the biscuits...

Finished product!!  Yeah, we love lots of butter and lots of brown sugar!!!  Love having little kitchen helpers!!!

 Warm right from the oven, it made a pretty good after school snack for the siblings!! Kaden loved it, too. Guess I didn't get him on camera... :-)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Review~ May 2012

Another Blog!! Now that school has started, I feel like I'm beginning to know my name again. :-?  Routine and structure suit me real well!!! :-)

May 2012 seems like a long time ago.  I'm going to jump back and give a few highlights from our adventures.

Kelsey had an early 10th birthday party celebration with some friends from school.  Nothing like a houseful of giggly girls!! Fun times!! :-)

Kaden took birthday snacks to school to celebrate his 7th birthday.  The day before his turn,  a boy brought KU cookies.  He came home just dying to take an MU treat!!! hahaha  Request granted.  Big rivals out here.  His teacher thought it was great, she's a Missouri fan as well.  :-)

Couldn't get these pics. to turn.....ggrrrrr....
Khara competed in math competition  and we were very proud of her results!! That her grandma was the math coach, added to the happiness!! 

Kelsey at her awards assembly.  Both of the girls received awards for All A's all 4 quarters.  A great reminder that hard work pays off.

Thankful for children who love school!!  The end of another great school year! 

May 25, Kaden turned 7.

We were so happy to have lots of family here to help us celebrate.  Cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and greats.

Enjoying the birthday party meal!

The chickens were the pet of choice for that day!!

I'm beginning to think I have a fear of heights.  I was determined to hold on tight to little Elijah. And, even tried to explain what would happen if that fence gave way.  ((( shudder)))))

Cousin fun!!!

Kendall and Leanna came the last part of May and we met Taylor.  Taylor and Jackson (Phil & Dana's) the newest family additions!!!!

What a great month of May.  Up next.... June!! :-)