Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kelsey's Thanksgiving Party

In response to my question in the previous post, I wanted to let you know what Kelsey ended up taking for her party.

Thanks to those of you who suggested different things. That was interesting!! Talk about food!!!, oh my, they had SOOO much!! Dalton brought dessert pizza, Sam brought a spice cake, Finnley brought Fig Newton Cookies, Sarah brought Strawberry Cupcakes,....for a class of 5 &6 year olds, they had alot!!!!!

One of the activities they did at the party--hollowing out a pumpkin and then they filled it with flowers to give to their teacher.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hmmm.......any suggestions??

Kelsey's kindergarten Thanksgiving Party is this Wednesday. They will be having an 'Alphabet Potluck'. Sandwiches, chips, drinks will be brought in, then each child is to bring a food that starts with the first letter of their name. (Sam-strawberries, Joe-jello, etc.) Now, for a "K" food, hmmm... she's not fond of Kiwi, nor Kale or Kraut for that matter. :-) So, I'm wondering do you have any suggestions??!! As it stands, we will be taking Kit-Kat bars but I would love to know of other kid friendly "K" ideas. I am really looking forward to seeing how creative others in the class get, should be very interesting!!

In other totally unrelated news, I made a trip to Hobby Lobby Saturday and was very excited to see that they had all of the fall/Thanksgiving decor on clearance at 80% off!!!!

I am very happy with my little Mr. and Miss Scarecrow set that I purchased along with a few pumpkins and other things. Gotta love those good deals!!! :-)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Deer Hunting Weekend

Last Saturday was the opening day of deer season here in Missouri. We were happy to have 5 extra "hunters" stay with us on the Friday night before opening morning. Food is always plentiful and stories are flying!! :-) Saturday dawned very early (for them :), warmer than normal, and extremely windy.

By 8:30, Anthony was back with his kill of the day.

The lone successful hunter of the day.
Sunday night at church a huge 10 point buck was found behind the parsonage. Some hunter, no doubt, shot it and it ran a ways before going down. Mark and a couple of guys loaded it up in the back of a truck so that it could be dumped. Someone would have really had some good bragging rights!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

~School Pictures~

I am a very big fan of school pictures. (did I just hear an "Amen" from Brenda) :-) Khara and Kelsey had them taken back in September. Thankfully, we have never been hit with outlandish prices. I think they were $11.00 for Kelsey and $13.00 for Khara's. Khara's were taken by 'LifeTouch', and Kelsey's school went with Kramer Photography this year. They are not always the perfect smile or pose that you would expect from a studio, but definitely priceless when putting them in their school scrapbooks.


Khara-- 2nd grade (with possibly the last picture where she will be smiling with "little" front teeth) :-)

Well, I'm off to the Dr. where I get to chug down who knows how many ounces of 'glu-cola' (the nurses title for the liquid), to make sure I am not a victim of gestational diabetes. Thankfully, never have been!!!!! With already having the tendency of delivering "above average size....", AGAIN, I say, THANKFULLY!!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

**Halloween Happenings**

I am the room mother for Khara's 2nd grade class this year which means I "get" to organize the parties. It was fun attending the Halloween party and seeing what all of the kids were dressed as:

Khara wanted to be a princess. Her flower girl dress from the wedding Saturday came in very handy.

Is the 31st complete without a carved pumpkin?? (Kelsey is also modeling Dracula teeth that they got earlier in treat bags.)

The finished product. (Kelsey, still w/ the teeth.)

Ready to head out for an evening of trick-or-treating!! Cowgirl Kelsey and Princess Khara. (pictures taken in a hurry=poor quality pictures)

Fireman Kaden. I wanted him to be a scarecrow, but he was set on being a firefighter. The hat was grabbed out of the toy box, a little paint, foil + ruler= hatchet; He was "good to go" !! :-)

Taking inventory of the stash.