Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kaden!!!!!

On Monday, Kaden turned 4!!! He was so excited which made it so fun for all of us! :-) Sunday afternoon he took a pretty long nap, when he woke up he said, "Is today my birthday?" Nope, one more day.

He is so full of life and energy, can't imagine our family without him!!

Let the fun begin!!! :-)

Karson was trying to blow out Kaden's candles. Doesn't take them long to figure out what that is all about!

Enjoying his presents!!!

They talked Grandma in to playing one of the games he got for his birthday.

Now Kaden's question for me--"Do you have more than one birthday in a year??". :-)

Monday, May 18, 2009

~Sweet Success~

Last year we planted 100 strawberry plants!!! We are starting to reap the "fruits of our labor" and are LOVING it!! Khara and Kelsey never want me to pick them while they are at school--they want to be in on the "picking" action. :-) That is a great bonus right now, I'm just wondering how long their enthusiasm will last. The season has just begun. We've probably picked around 5 quarts and have at least 55 more that will soon be ripe. Pies, cakes, jams, we come!!!
This was taken a few weeks ago when they were starting to come into full bloom.

LOADED plants!!!

Thankfully, all of my kids LOVE strawberries. I think Karson would eat them all day long if I would let him.

Caught in the act!! :-) See the green berry in his hand (and the red one at his feet)??

Kaden at his finest!!:-)

My very willing workers.

The makings of our Sunday dessert--Crushed, ripe strawberries(with lots of sugar), cream cheese pound cake, ice cream, and a little cool whip. My dad and Mark came to the conclusion that, "It just doesn't get any better than this....."!!!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pics. From the Past....

Just a few pictures from some of our recent happenings. I'm so far behind in blogging, I'll just throw some random shots out there and close the gap to bring me up to MAY!!! :-)

We had a great time of going to Ohio in May. I.H.C. the first part of the week and then visiting at Jeff&Vicki's place (where Kendall and Leanna joined us). Great Times!!!

A big event---Kelsey lost her first tooth!!! (at I.H.C.) :-)

All of the "Englund" cousins!

Back home----

Kaden brought me this stack of books the other night and asked, "Can you read me 1,2, or 3 books"?? :-)

Karson looking WWWAAAAAYYY to grown up--and lovin' it!!