Thursday, February 24, 2011

Valentine's Day!!!

Valentine's Day is always such a fun holiday for us!!! Khara and Kaden had to make Valentine Boxes at home to take to school. Kelsey's teacher had them make them at school. BLESSSS that teacher!!! :-)

On one of our several snow days, we tackled the job of making the boxes. Kaden made a Hershey Kiss. Khara make a locker. Khara had a contest in her classroom and was happy to get 2nd place out of the 24 students!!

**my computer is having issues and will not let me turn the photos, EXTREMELY annoying!!!
Sorry, just turn your neck. ;-)

Time to address those Valentine Cards!!

Kaden with the Kiss!

Khara with her locker.

Kaden's class party.

One more pic. of Kaden with his "box".

Karson enjoying one of the many fringe benefits of older siblings-- he gets to attend lots of school parties! :-)