Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Addition Pictures.

Well, I'm finally taking the time to get a few house pics. posted. We finally started moving in Monday. What a Blessed Day!!! We had been without a kitchen and laundry room for 7 weeks-- a loooong time for a family of 6!!!! Now I am trying to get the rest of the house sorted and organized. We are all moving to diff. bedrooms but those pics. will def. have to wait. Much, much, organizing to do in those rooms first! :-)

The old kitchen. The entire wall where the cabinets/window are was knocked out.

The new completed kitchen!!!

One of my favorite features, a walk-in pantry!

Dining room. Our table that once seemed big looks itty, bitty now. :-) Lots of decorating in this area to do. The color of the walls is actually a pale yellow. Somehow didn't turn out on the pic.

The more accurate color of the dining room.

Master bedroom.

New bathroom.

What happens when "someone" puts a few too many bubbles in a whirlpool tub. They loved it!!!

My "blogging-break" is now over! I'm off to do more "moving in". Happy Wednesday!! :-)