Saturday, May 08, 2010

Strawberry Season!!

We have been loving this beautiful weather and everything it brings with it!! One of my favorite things about this time of year are fresh picked strawberries. The patch we planted a couple of years ago is not disappointing us!! We found the first red strawberries last Sunday and have been picking a few every day since. Today was the first day we actually went out and picked with containers. Up until now all berries picked were very quickly consumed! :-) I've even caught Karson popping some green ones in his mouth, he doesn't seem to mind. In a few weeks I will probably be swimming in strawberries but I try to enjoy it while it lasts. :-) LOVE this time of year!!!


Just had to share this picture...Kaden had his last show-n-tell day for preschool last week. These are VERY important days!! :-) He was so excited to take a turtle we had found to show his class.

Kaden ready to leave for school with his turtle-- Ian. He gave it that name because it rhymes with his best friend's name--Ryan. ;-) I just LOVE 4 year-olds!!! (and 2, 7, 9,....all the " __year-olds")