Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thanksgiving/Christmas Memories

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I'll quickly get my Thanksgiving pictures posted. :-) This year my family celebrated Christmas over Thanksgiving. My parents had a houseful, but it was definitely a houseful of fun!!!! I took almost 100 pics. over the 5 day period, here are just a few random:

We enjoyed having Aaron, Brenda, and Clayton stay with us while in MO. Karson and Clayton got in on some p.j. time! :-)

and bath time.

Cousins Kelsey and Kaley enjoying the beautiful weather!

The poor dog got a workout that weekend. Kaden, Karson, and Camen got toy guns in their stockings. The chase was on. ;-) Can't beat the great outdoors!!!

"Can you say-- BRIGHT??" :-)

Drew adds a little drama to the girls' DS time.

Kendall and Leanna's new addition~ 2 week old Tyson Kendall!!

Kaden had to have his turn at holding him but was a little nervous.

One of my favorite things in the world-- LITTLE BABIES!!!! :-)

Dana cooking up some goodness!!!


Philip was a real trooper and let his nieces "style" his hair. They were LOVING it!!!! (as you can tell on their faces) :-)
20+ stockings waiting to be filled. A tradition that we all love!!!

Khara with Tyson

Elijah Vernon

Wow, I have so many more pics. I would love to post, maybe some day....

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Many of you know that we are under a MAJOR construction project!!! We are enlarging the size of our kitchen, dining, and laundry plus adding a master bed/bath. I am so excited about this project but it is also bringing a few challenges. Right now I am without a kitchen. Ever cooked solely w/microwave, crock pot, elec. skillet, etc. def. a challenge. And, as of Monday I lost my washer/dryer. :-( The end IS near--hopefully it will all be done in 3 weeks! VERY EXCITING!!!

The first step of a huge process! Breaking up the old patio so construction can begin on top of it!

Can't get a much closer view. They loved watching the action right outside the window. Now they can watch action from the living room. :-)

Where there is construction there is fresh dirt/mud. I've quickly found out mud is a little boy magnet!!!!! I could post a lot of pics of these 3 little boys in this "mud dream world". Needless to say, the construction workers enjoyed some laughs as I let the little guys enjoy life to the fullest.

Check out the supervisor. :-) Mark was actually talking to some of them up on the roof.

These pics. were taken almost a month ago. I took a few pics. today and am amazed at the progress. The sheet rock is up and has been prepped to be textured. We choose paint colors and flooring this weekend. Stay tuned for more pics.


For the first time ever Kaden was granted permission to go deer hunting with his daddy. He was thrilled!!! By nothing short of a miracle, :-) the hunt was successful!!!! Ever tried taking an excited, wiggly, excited, slightly loud, excited 4 year old hunting??? I haven't either but Mark said it was a job!! :-)

Khara and Kelsey survey the catch! Khara is totally hands on when it comes to this stuff. Kelsey, not so much. :-)