Monday, December 24, 2007


From our house to yours~ may you have a VERY

Friday, December 21, 2007

Tis The Season

What a busy time of year!! We are trying to enjoy it to the fullest. Khara and Kelsey officially started Christmas vacation Wednesday afternoon-YAY!!! I love having my children home!! We are looking forward to two full weeks of them being home from school!! Now, if we could just get Mark home a little more. He's been putting in some looong hours to make sure all of those packages get there in time. That should come to an end after Monday, thankfully!! :-)

A picture's worth a thousand words, so they say, so here are some of the happenings around our home the last couple of weeks:

Kaden in awe over the Nativity Set. (That has been rearranged 100 times yet miraculously escaped getting broken.)

Khara lost her front tooth. It's amazing how much that can change a person's looks. We've had a chuckle or two over that one. :-)

Right before bedtime. It was so loose that I told her I was afraid she might end up swallowing it. That got her inspired-- out it came!!

We discovered last year that we LOVE gingerbread cookies!! Even Kaden "cut" some out this year. Along with the gingerbread boys and girls, presents, and trees, he somehow managed to grab a baseball cap cookie cutter, much to the girls dismay. ;-)

Yummy, yummy, cookies!!

The construction crew for our first ever gingerbread house. LOTS of fun!!

Completed project.

Kaden's favorite--the FROSTING!!! :-)

Well, Mark is planning on leaving the house around 4 a.m. to join up with some friends to go duck hunting. If I'm going to have those biscuits and gravy, thick country ham, a dozen eggs,...ready by 3 (ha, ha), I guess I better sign off.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

"Iced In"

Wow~have we ever been hit with a storm!! The forecast had been calling for some ice on Sunday. Sometimes they are "on", sometimes not. This time--Bull's Eye!! :-) Sunday morning we woke up to a pretty significant amount and it continued throughout the day. We didn't have services on Sunday so we (verrrry slowly) headed out to my parents house. I KNEW I should have taken my camera. Late afternoon they lost power and that became a very interesting/amusing/... experience especially for Khara and Kelsey. My dad dug out the lanterns and flashlights. My mom melted chocolate for peanut clusters over the stove. (yes, we were getting a little bored and enjoying the novelty or pioneer days :-). For supper we roasted hot dogs over the fire in the fireplace. It was definitely a memorable evening.

No school today, no school tomorrow, and as I type this it is 32 degrees and raining!! :-{

Our front yard.

Greenery and lights on the front porch railing.

I had my ultrasound on Thursday and the Dr. office called today with the results. Everything came back normal~the fluid levels, the fetal screens,etc. AND, everything is in the right place. I am SOOO thankful!!!! They did tell me on Thur. that the baby already weighed 3lbs. 11ozs. The technician paused and asked, "Do you have big babies??" :-) And, the due date according to this ultrasound is February 8. A Great Report!!!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Our Wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend

I just love Thanksgiving and this year was no exception!! We spent the day with my dad's side of the family and had a great time. There were 48 of us there which makes for lots of fun!!

With a crowd of that number, you are sure to have a FEAST!! Delicious it was!!

Kelsey with cousin Joey Dodson.

Tradition has it that in the afternoon the girls go downstairs and make crafts while the guys go outside for football and/or paintball. The girls always have lots of fun and I'm sure the guys do as well although they have to pay for it. "Oh, I'm so sore....."

Friday morning, after going to bed a little after midnight, we headed out around 3a.m. with Brenda and Aaron, for some serious Black Friday shopping. (or at least acting like we were :-)

Waiting at K-Mart in the predawn hours. I'm standing beside Aaron in front of the "wise one" in the shorts and T-shirt. The temp. was a very chilly 19 degrees when we left that morning. Can't imagine being in such a hurry to head out that you forget to grab your coat (or long pants)??!!

Enjoying our breakfast 5 hours after getting up.


Baby News--

Just a quick update. I had a Dr. apt today and things are going well. I measured ahead of schedule again and inquired about the size of the baby. The Dr. decided to do another ultrasound this Thursday to answer both of our questions?? 1-When do we think this baby might actually arrive?? 2- How big is the baby already?? They will also be checking the position of the placenta and fluid levels to see if everything is in the position that it should be. I'm trusting God for a miracle!!