Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kaden's Easter Party

Last Thursday was Kaden's 1st grade class Easter party. I was so happy to be "Room Mom"for it. I enjoyed spending an afternoon dyeing eggs, decorating Easter baskets, and just having fun with some pretty special 6 and 7 year-olds. I boiled more eggs and cut more craft foam that week than I have in a loooong time, but LOVED doing it!!!! Brings back so many wonderful memories of my classroom days!!!

I emptied out my apron drawer and let these little ones wear them while they dipped eggs. So adorable.

Karson joins in with the best of them!!

Cut, cut, cut... glue, glue, glue!!

Having their Easter Egg Hunt!

Kaden's 1st grade class with their baskets. What an enjoyable afternoon!!!

Easter 2012

What a great Easter weekend we had!! I think we crammed more Easter activities into Easter this year than ever before. What a beautiful time of year!!

Local hospital Easter Egg hunt.

Karson ran into this cute, cuddly critter. :-)

Easter sugar cookies. Karson saw that his cousins Clayton and Addy had made cookies, so he thought he needed to make some, too. His siblings were very glad he did. :-)

Finished product, oh so yummy!!!!

Community Easter egg hunt. Khara was great to help out w/ Kaden or Karson since she is now to old to participate. :-( Thankfully, she has some very sharing siblings!!! Not sure where Kesley was when I took this pic. so I had to get one of her--

Kelsey with her basket. This was her last year to be able to participate. She'll turn 10 this summer.

A trip to Wal-Mart and... another Easter Bunny!!!

We went to a farm store's Easter Egg hunt this year and... wow.... they had a lot of eggs!!! Karson is standing in front of the starting line. Check out those eggs!!!!!

Grandma helping Karson open his eggs to check for prize slips. Yep, those eggs were the ones HE picked up and they were still working on them.

Khara, Kelsey, and Kaden each won prizes. Karson had so much candy he hardly thought twice about prizes. ;-)

Yeah, Karson thought we had a LOT of candy!!!! :-)

Dyeing eggs-- our Easter tradition.

I think Kelsey and Karson had about as much dye on their fingers as their eggs. :-)

Sunday Morning Easter baskets!!!! SO MUCH FUN!!!!! They were up EARLY that morning to check out the surprises.

Sunday Morning Easter Services-- the true reason we celebrate!!!

Hope your Easter was a special one!!! We are so blessed!!!!