Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Weekend

We enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend packed to the fullest!!! School Easter parties, the town Easter Egg Hunt, coloring eggs at home, and then topped off by our Sunday Easter activities. What a wonderful time of year!!!

15 4&5 year olds having an Easter Party makes for some excited children!! :-)

Each preschooler had 16 eggs to find with their name on them! Made the egg hunt last more than the normal 30 seconds. :-)

Kelsey's class Easter party was on Friday. Thanks to an idea from Brenda, I made these for her to take.

Cheese Curl Carrots

Ready to head to school with her basket.

Saturday they were all able to participate in the community egg hunt. For some reason I didn't catch any pics. of Khara and Kelsey. They were probably off playing with friends when the camera was out.

Karson was not thrilled at all with picking up the eggs or candy. He actually dumped his basket out twice and then cried when I insisted he needed to fill it. By Sunday, he had become a more "happy hunter".

Kaden with his loot--candy, candy, candy!!!

One of my kids' favorite activities of the whole year--coloring eggs. Messy, but oh so much fun!!

Kaden was very proud of HIS eggs!!

Completed Easter baskets waiting for sleepy eyed children to exclaim!!

Waiting on tow more children to join us for the annual pictures.

Easter Sunday morning!!! One of the best times of the year!!

Catching a pic. after church in front of the magnolia. (Hence Karson's untucked, candy stained shirt/vest :-).

Hope your Easter Week was wonderful!!!