Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Brenda& Aaron!!

Happy 9th Anniversary BRENDA & AARON !!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Khara...and other July happenings!!

I'm finally getting around to posting.....whew, this summer is flying!!!

With 4 active children that go through lots of laundry, can rearrange the house pretty quickly, and want to be fed at least 3 times a day, library story-times, playing outside, a garden that is doing great, wonderful fresh produce (my parents and I put up 30 dozen ears of corn yesterday), blogging is taking a back seat. School starts one month from today, I'm hoping life will slow down just a little when school begins.

A few pictures from the past few weeks:

On July 6th, Khara turned the big 8 !! Aaron and Brenda and Jeff and Vicki were out at my parents over July 4th weekend so they were able to be here for her birthday on Sunday, the 6th.

A quick "sibling shot" after church.

Cute little Emme Grace Englund.

Brenda with drool marks from Karson. (Yep, that's Aaron in the background probably lighting some type of firecracker :-)

Kaden wanted some construction paper the other day. It kept both of them busy for at least 15 minutes (hey, that's a long time for a 4-month old and 3-year old). Kaden was cuttin' and Karson was chewin'. :-)

My little man that is growing wwaaaayyy to fast-- 5 months old yesterday!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


We just love Branson!! Last week we took a short trip with Jeff and Vicki and their five children. We packed the three days to the fullest and made many wonderful memories!!

First stop--Lamberts Restaurant.

Waiting for our name to be called at Lambert's. "Party of 13... 4 adults, 9 children." Caleb, Jeff, and Karson-- sporting Jeff's sunglasses.

Kelsey after having just caught the famous "hot roll". Obviously no one was aware of the photographer except Karson. :-)

"How about a chicken leg?!"

Celebration City~Getting ready to enter the park.

Kelsey, Kaley, Khara, Kaden, Drew. Vicki commented that if we have one more child we will be able to fill up this ride on both sides with just cousins!

Jeff and Vicki with there newest addition, 2 month old Emme.

Trying to get all the cousins on the big rocker for a picture.

Camen and Karson got pretty well acquainted waiting in strollers for the others to get off rides.

Yep, it was a bright, sunny, day!!

Neat little water area that Kaley and Kelsey played in while the older ones played mini-golf.

Gotta love those rides where the little ones can get on by themselves. Kaden and Kelsey with Kaley and Camen in the back.

The wonderful Shoot-the-Shoot. Vicki took Kaley, Kelsey, and Kaden on this five times while the guys and Khara were mini-golfing. I'm not thrilled with 'plunges' so I was more than happy to sit with Emme, Camen, and Karson.

When Jeff, Mark and the rest of them finished golf they had to try it out as well. They loved it!!! Seven more rides later, we tried something else. The rides were so quick to get on!!!

Karson at the old age of 4 months rode his first amusement park ride!!! I almost had to turn my head, but Mark was just certain he would be fine and love it. With a thin seat belt on and Caleb's strong arms holding him from the back, he rode the Bumble Bees. EEEKKKK!! We both survived! :-}

We returned home around midnight Wednesday night. A great three days spent with some great people who just happen to be wonderful family!!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kelsey!!

We made it back from our vacation, had a WONDERFUL time!! I feel like I am so far behind in my posting. I'll try to catch up with three posts. The first one--

June 29th was Kelsey's 6th birthday!! The day before her birthday we had a big cook out at our house.

Mark and Justin the "master grillers" for several hamburgers and hot dogs at the cook out.

Some of the kids with the sunglasses that all the kids got. Even Karson got in on that one. :-)

Kelsey's Birthday!!
Due to me being very busy the day before Kelsey's birthday, my mom graciously agreed to make her cake. Kelsey loved her princess cake!!

Kaden loves to help out when it's time to blow out the candles. Not sure how many times they were re-lit and blown out.

Khara's birthday sign for Kelsey.

Karson takin' it all in with Grandma.

Their birthday's are one week apart so they got their present from Grandpa and Grandma Englund on the same day. New fishing poles--they were very happy!! :-) And we've already tried them out-- yep, they work!!!

Well, the first of three is complete. Hopefully I can get two more posts on tomorrow. To quote from Pooh--"ta, ta, for now". :-)