Saturday, April 26, 2008

**New Niece**

Congratulations to my brother, Jeff and his wife Vicki on the birth of #5!!!!

Beautiful baby girl, EMME GRACE ENGLUND born just a few short hours ago!!! Can't wait to see her!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Random Happenings From Our Week

What a great week!! Here's a little run down of what's been happening in our little corner.

Monday I got all of our IHC/Ohio vacation laundry done!! Woo-hoo!! Okay, I thought that was quite an accomplishment. Remember, there are six of us and we were gone for almost a whole week!! :-)

Kelsey brought home from school her spring pictures. I told her today that she only has 16 more days of school left. She let out a war hoop. It makes me feel just a little sad, another kindergarten graduation.
Tuesday I took Karson for his two month check-up. ~16 lbs. 7 ozs. So huggable, loveable, squeezable, unbelievable!!

Later, we met some friends at the park to enjoy this beautiful weather. Then headed to Pizza Hut for lunch. Gotta love that buffet where kids eat free. :-) I didn't even get my camera out, just enjoyed some good ole' mom-to-mom conversations.

Wednesday I looked in the living room and thought I saw smoke. Nope, Kaden had just discovered how fun it is to make it "rain" baby powder. He went to church smelling good.

And let's's Thursday....I sent two girls off to school and a husband to work. Made peanut butter bars for the teacher's at Kelsey's school. Delivered those, before lunch. (They have parent teacher conferences today and P.T.O. always tries to provide a lunch for the teachers on that day.) And, made a trip to the greenhouse and ordered 100 strawberry plants that should be in next week. I'm EXCITED, (or maybe a little crazy) about getting into the dirt!! If it will ever quit raining, we should have some things growing around the Burley place. Oh, and I did all that with two precious little boys!Kaden was thrilled that he and Karson were both going to wear overalls.

Until next time,.....:-)

Monday, April 21, 2008

~Home Sweet Home~

Last Tuesday, we packed up the van and made the 10 hour trip to the wonderful city of Dayton!! We were able to go to IHC for the first time in 6 years. Mark took a week of vacation and it was filled to the fullest. We saw somewhere around 50 family members, several fellow bloggers, and so many old friends. The messages were great, the singing wonderful, and even the "nursery time" was very enjoyable. What a great week!!!

We stayed in Dayton Tuesday, and Wednesday nights and then after the eve. service on Thursday headed to my brother Jeff and Vicki and their family. Dana and Philip Vernon and Aaron and Brenda also joined us. (We missed you Kendall, and Leanna!!) We definitely didn't gain any sleep during the weekend but had a Wonderful time!! I think this may be the beginning of a tradition. :-)

Cousins Khara, Kelsey, Ryan and Evan.

Kelsey and Kaitlynn thrilled to be seeing each other at IHC! :-)

My children were very impressed with being able to see the city from the 8th floor. (Remember, we're from the country:-)


On Saturday we headed to the Creation Museum in KY.

Khara, Kaley, and Kelsey ready to head out.


On Saturday before going to the Collingsworth Concert we met up with Greg and Stephanie and family for a little time at the mall and then to eat.
Kaden and Ryan with big dreams going on.

What happens when 6 cousins decide to try to get on at the same time. :-)

For some reason I seem to miss getting adults(Vicki, Aaron, Brenda, Greg, Stephanie,...)in a lot of my pics. Rest assured, they were there also.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"...It Followed Her to School One Day..."

So, "what" followed "who" to school?? So glad you asked! :-)

Kelsey has been asking for quite a while if she could take a lamb to school for show and tell. Monday was a beautiful day, so I fulfilled that wish. I went out to my parents house Monday morning and picked up a small bottle lamb, brought it home, gave it a bath (yes, in the bathtub IN the house, hence the EXTREMELY strong smell of bleach that followed the bath water :-)and put it in the garage until time to take it to the school. Kelsey was very proud and her kindergarten class was thrilled. Plus, I got to mark one more thing off my list of promises. :-)

I didn't get the best pictures. I also had a 2 year old and a 7 week old I was trying to watch. I think I got a very small taste of what it must be like to have twins or triplets. "Kaden come here, watch the lamb, don't let it get away... is Karson crying, oh...grab the lamb before it gets away..." Tried to Love every minute of it. :-)

Didn't even get a pic of Kelsey. :-( She's in the striped dress.
This weekend we tried out a new place of entertainment~ The Incredible Pizza Company. We joined friends, Kyle, Candice and Camille, and had a great time. It has all of the arcade type games plus bowling, mini golf, bumper cars, go carts,... We loved it.

Waiting to get their food from the huge pizza buffet.

Kaden with his friend Camille. He's thrilled, she's still a little unsure of the situation. ;-)

Lovin' the merry-go-round!

Mark and Kyle try their hand at air hockey.

Kaden got to try bowling for the first time. We got to hear lots of "thuds" as the ball was thrown rather than rolled.

Karson was feeling just a little over stimulated. :-)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Karson's Pics. Are Ready!!!!! :-)

Easter Weekend my sister Brenda, a.k.a. Herring Photography, took Karson's one month pictures. They are now online for viewing pleasure. :-) I am so happy with the results and now just have the very hard job of deciding which ones to order.

These are just two of the many pictures that she took. The rest can be seen at The event is ~ karson. The password~ burley. You don't have to enter a date or your e-mail, just karson and burley.

Friday I had a Dr. apt. so I asked the nurse to weigh Karson. At 5 weeks old he weighed-- 13lbs. 10 oz. I guess my feeling that he is truly "changing every day" has some merit in it. :-)