Friday, January 25, 2013

January 25-----

Tis' a great day for popcorn and pasta art!!!! At least we think so..... :-)

 L.O.V.E. being home with my little man!!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

December Memories

What a wonderful December!!!!   Parties, programs, family, friends-- enjoying life to the fullest!!   I have so many pictures from this month, I don't even know where to begin.  So, here goes... a complete hodge-podge    of our happenings!! :-)

Near the beginning of the month, Mark celebrated birthday #36!!!  So thankful for the man I married!!!

Karson-- ready to perform at his school Christmas program. They had a more casual program  this year that turned out really cute!!

Kaden and Kelsey ready for their school Christmas program.

Kelsey going up to perform--

Kaden walking up to a packed house!!

We loved getting to know the Loper family and having them in our home!! A great family getting ready to leave for the mission field in a few weeks.

Karson and Eli-- IPad, IPod.....Life is sooo rough for 3&4 year-olds these days!  ;-)

Santa showed up at Karson's Christmas party!!!  Talk about some thrilled 4 year-olds!!! WOW!!! :-)

Kaden at his class Christmas party!! 2nd graders with bags of frosting and lots of sprinkles, makes for some pretty interesting finished products!! :-)

Kelsey at her class Christmas party!!

LOVED having all of my siblings/in-laws/ nieces/nephews home this year.  My parents had a full house for a week,  GREAT TIMES!!!!   The cousin total is  now at 17-- big families are just the best!!!

Khara and Taylor(Englund) one of the happiest little girls ever!

Taylor seemed just as interested in that news as Mark.  ;-)

Khara and sweet little Jackson(Vernon).

Game time!!

Little Miss Addyson(Herring) 3-- going on 13!! :-)   Such a cutie!!

Kendall and Leanna after church Sunday morning.

Some of the cousins trying to wait patiently for the stockings to be brought out. 

We made a fun trip to Branson/Lamberts with Aaron and Brenda.  Karson and Clayton look like they were happy to be there.

Kaley and Kelsey loving Lamberts.

These three were totally enthralled with the "roll-throwing"!!  Such a fun place to eat!! 

Never know what will be used as chewing toy??!!     EEEKKKK!!! :-)  (No, it was not plugged into the wall, and was quickly taken away.... as soon as I could snap a picture!!) :-)

One of the many delicious meals!!!!

Karson takes his turn at holding Taylor.

Family Christmas at our house:

Christmas morning: posing for mama one more time before opening all the presents!!!  Hope your Christmas season was Merry and Bright!!! I KNOW ours was!!!!! :-)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Catching up from November-- Thanksgiving!!

Wow-- its been a long time!!!  As the days march quickly by, I know I'm getting further and further behind on here, overwhelmingly so... :-) SO, tonight I take the plunge, another post with some fun memories we made.


Karson's first class party:  Thanksgiving!!
Complete with,

 face painting,
games, pizza, cookies,

a craft, 

  and even an edible turkey!!

 Happy Preschoolers!!!!!

We were so happy to have Mark's family come and spend Thanksgiving week with us!!!

These girls played Dutch Blitz over,and over, and over!!! Lots of laughs going on with this group!!!

Cookie making at its finest!!!

Ready to enjoy the Thanksgiving Day meal!!!

 And while the adults were capturing pics. of the children, I got one of them!! ;-)

When Friday rolled around, we all headed down to beautiful Branson!!!

 At Silver Dollar City!!!

 Roller Coasters!!
 Meeting up with this friendly guy for the first time of the season!! :-) (I think Khara was still enjoying rides)

 A delicious meal at Lamberts!!

 We headed home and were ready to begin the most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

Coming up next..... December!!!