Wednesday, January 23, 2013

December Memories

What a wonderful December!!!!   Parties, programs, family, friends-- enjoying life to the fullest!!   I have so many pictures from this month, I don't even know where to begin.  So, here goes... a complete hodge-podge    of our happenings!! :-)

Near the beginning of the month, Mark celebrated birthday #36!!!  So thankful for the man I married!!!

Karson-- ready to perform at his school Christmas program. They had a more casual program  this year that turned out really cute!!

Kaden and Kelsey ready for their school Christmas program.

Kelsey going up to perform--

Kaden walking up to a packed house!!

We loved getting to know the Loper family and having them in our home!! A great family getting ready to leave for the mission field in a few weeks.

Karson and Eli-- IPad, IPod.....Life is sooo rough for 3&4 year-olds these days!  ;-)

Santa showed up at Karson's Christmas party!!!  Talk about some thrilled 4 year-olds!!! WOW!!! :-)

Kaden at his class Christmas party!! 2nd graders with bags of frosting and lots of sprinkles, makes for some pretty interesting finished products!! :-)

Kelsey at her class Christmas party!!

LOVED having all of my siblings/in-laws/ nieces/nephews home this year.  My parents had a full house for a week,  GREAT TIMES!!!!   The cousin total is  now at 17-- big families are just the best!!!

Khara and Taylor(Englund) one of the happiest little girls ever!

Taylor seemed just as interested in that news as Mark.  ;-)

Khara and sweet little Jackson(Vernon).

Game time!!

Little Miss Addyson(Herring) 3-- going on 13!! :-)   Such a cutie!!

Kendall and Leanna after church Sunday morning.

Some of the cousins trying to wait patiently for the stockings to be brought out. 

We made a fun trip to Branson/Lamberts with Aaron and Brenda.  Karson and Clayton look like they were happy to be there.

Kaley and Kelsey loving Lamberts.

These three were totally enthralled with the "roll-throwing"!!  Such a fun place to eat!! 

Never know what will be used as chewing toy??!!     EEEKKKK!!! :-)  (No, it was not plugged into the wall, and was quickly taken away.... as soon as I could snap a picture!!) :-)

One of the many delicious meals!!!!

Karson takes his turn at holding Taylor.

Family Christmas at our house:

Christmas morning: posing for mama one more time before opening all the presents!!!  Hope your Christmas season was Merry and Bright!!! I KNOW ours was!!!!! :-)


Brenda said...

We loved looking at all the pictures! Love the one of Mark/Taylor reading the paper and of the 3 kids watching the rolls at Lamberts. FUN times!!

Anonymous said...
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