Tuesday, July 24, 2007


We are home safe and sound and had a Great week in Branson!! We found out that condos are the only way to go--esp. when traveling with children!!!! Having a washer/dryer, fridge, and stove right in our living quarters made life a lot easier. (Plus, we also came home with no dirty laundry, which made my Monday much better!!)

We went to one of Branson's newest attractions, the Branson Landing, and fell in love with that place immediately. Shops, restaurants, play grounds, trolley... and everything right on the water. Very neat place!!! They also have a great Joes Crab Shack that served us some wonderful King Crab Legs!!!

I could go on, and on, but I know "a picture's worth a thousand words" so I'll let my photos do the talkin'. Had a great time--can't wait to go again next year (or sooner :-).

The place we called home for a week.

The kids first Ferris Wheel Ride.

Khara and Kelsey loved this ride. It took you straight up and then let you drop. :-}

Our wonderful friend Barney at Celebration City. Khara is a big Andy Griffith Show fan (the old black and white ones, that is) --she thought seeing this guy was pretty cool. :-)

Kaden with his bump and black eyes still shining!!

And then, Curious George, at Silver Dollar City.

Incredible ice cream cones at Celebration City. They didn't have a kids size cone and the regular ones were HUGE, so I think Mark got stuck with the remains of 2 or 3 extra ones.

Great kiddie pool at the condo.

Is any vacation trip complete without shopping??? Branson has some wonderful outlet malls. With two little girls starting school in a month I had a great excuse. ;-)

Patiently waiting outside of Olive Garden.

Friday, July 13, 2007

*Ta-Ta For Now*

I"ll be taking a short break from the Blogging World. Yep, that's right, tomorrow morning we head out on a much anticipated week long vacation to Branson. We are excited to be going somewhere that's not to far away but yet can be called a trip. :-) We love Branson!!! It's also very handy that we know our way around and some of the neat things to do!! This will be the longest that we have been away from our humble abode, so we'll see how it goes.

Besides sewing a skirt, cleaning, packing, and mowing the lawn, I tried to get the garden ready for a week of neglect. ( Which is the reason for me posting this at midnight.) :-{

Khara and Kelsey both love to work in the garden, esp. pick the veggies, which is a very big help.

Kelsey with a partial bucket of horticulture beans. We ended up picking 2- 5 gallon bucket fulls and only got about half way done. Thanks to a wonderful mother who will finish them up for me next week!!!

Tis' the season--I just love this time of year!!!!

Just had to post this pic. of Kaden. He had his first bad trike wreck this week. Wednesday, he fell off the porch steps onto the concrete. His little forehead popped out so fast it scared me to death!!! I wish I could say that will be his last bike wreck. :-{

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

*SWEET* Corn

What I did today.....

Every year my mom and I try to "put up" lots of corn. Today we did our first bunch of a little over 15 dozen. Khara and Kelsey love to help shuck it and then in it comes for the real work to start. It takes a little time, but is fun to do and tastes wonderful all year long!! I guess you could call them spoiled, but my kids refuse to eat corn out of a can.

Getting started!!

Some of the many bags ready to go into the freezer.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Congratulations to my sister, Dana and Philip Vernon who got engaged on July 3rd. Plans are already under way for a late October wedding!!! He is a super guy and she---well, we go back a long ways....:-) We are very excited and happy for them!!!

Happy Birthday, KELSEY !!!

We are enjoying having lots of family here this week. My sister, Dana came to MO. last Friday, her boyfriend Philip got here Sunday, Vicki, -Drew, Caleb, Kaley, and Camen came Tuesday, and Kendall and Leanna flew in yesterday morning. Having a GREAT time!!!

I'm having a hard time trying to find the time to post...here's a quick one. :-)


Kelsey turned 5 the 29th!

Since Khara's birthday is one week after Kelsey's she ends up getting some of her gifts early. Opening presents from Gr. and Gr. Englund.

Packages from Aaron and Brenda. I think all children LOVE to get mail. :-)

Modeling the headbands from Africa that Brenda sent them for their birthday. (Also probably sporting the really cool lip gloss from her.)

More gifts from Gr. and Gr. Burley. (Opened right before bedtime- hence the "outfits".) They each got their own disposable camera. They were very, very happy about that!!! :-)