Friday, November 07, 2008


A couple of weeks ago our local MOPS group was having a portrait fundraising event. I didn't really want to participate (I already had a studio appt. scheduled for the family for next week), but told them if they needed another "setting" to meet the needed quota to give me a call, I would bring Kaden and Karson up. (You can photograph boys spur of the moment a lot faster than girls--something to do with hair, ribbons/bows, tights/socks,....). The morning of the event I got the phone call, 2 people had already canceled. Less than 30 minutes later, my little guys were being photographed. Karson did great, we couldn't get Kaden to hardly crack a smile. I was very pleased with the results. A postponement call has been made for our prior studio appointment. :-)

I was not sure about the crooked bow-tie and the turned up collar, but I guess that just reinforces his "100 % boy" personality!! :-)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

My kids had an absolute blast Halloween evening. The weather was perfect, the treats were in abundance, and it was a FRIDAY!! No early bed times to worry about, homework, etc., it was great!!
Doctor/Surgeon Kaden, and characters from the Wizard of Oz ready to head out!!

A local department store was having a costume contest. Kaden was pleased to walk away with first prize.

How Karson spent the first part of the evening.

Somehow, he got a hold of a sucker(his first) before the night was over. His reaction--THRILLED!! Mine--BATH!!!!

Earlier that afternoon I helped out at Kelsey's 1st grade Halloween party.Cute little first grade friends!!