Monday, September 19, 2011

~ An Apple Butter Makin' Day!! ~

Saturday, we were able to snag a great deal on a bushel of apples. $9.00 for 40lbs. of apples rates as an excellent deal on my price page!! :-) So today, I delved into a very delightful task!

I gave the apples a quick bath.

Then put my ever so clever apple tool to work-- LOVE this thing!! It saves so much time and effort!

Had to snap a picture of my very willing helper! I won't be surprised if his arm is a little sore in the morning. :-)

Got them all peeled, cored and cut up. Added some sugar, a few spices, and they were ready for the crock pot. After a few hours the house was starting to smell wonderful and the apples looked like this:

Several more hours, and it was looking like Apple Butter!! Ready to be canned.

About 10 hours after starting this project: canned goodness!!

Kelsey asked me to make biscuits as soon as it was done, I didn't think any of us really needed biscuits at 9 p.m. so I assured her they would be on the Tuesday morning breakfast menu!! :-)

What a wonderful Monday!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Tis' the Day to wear ORANGE-----

...or at least the Burley children thought so!! :-)


Thursday, September 01, 2011

Random Summer Pics.

I was just looking at my posts today and saw these pics. that I had loaded back in June... and that's as far as I got. So here they are... early summer memories. A hodge podge of pics in no certain order.

Khara on her way to her 5th grade music concert. RECORDERS-- ahhhh, wonderful recorders...if you never had to endure learning to play the recorder with 100 other students... well, be ever so thankful!! Actually, they did a very nice job!! :-)

Kaden and Karson enjoying a Friday together. One big perk of Kaden's kindergarten school year was no class on Friday. Oh how Karson and I miss him this year!!!

Khara and Kelsey with the gift they made in Sunday School for Mother's Day.

Yard work-- they LOVE to drive that mower!!

Loving the berries!!! Which, this picture makes me kind of sad.... with the extremely high temps. and no rain for several weeks, I think we lost all of our strawberries. Sad, sad!!! Hopefully we can replant next year!!
Another strawberry picture!!! One of the best fruits EVER!!!

Karson loves them, too!!!

Another pic. for the memory book!

Hope you enjoyed that little summer flash-back! Have a great Labor Day weekend!!! :-)

My Potting Bench!!

Last week I saw an adorable potting bench on a blog I love to follow, Thrifty Decor Chic. She had a little pictorial of how she and her dad had made it. She gave excellent instructions and assured her readers that it was soooo simple to make. I told Mark I had something I would like him to see/ read... the directions to make a POTTING BENCH!!! He was ready to tackle the task.... what a great guy I have!!! ;-)

Saturday, we loaded up the van and headed to an Amish sawmill. Mark had already talked to the owner about the project and the possibility of us getting some beautiful cedar. He was happy to sell us some and we were thrilled to get it.... wish this computer had a scratch and sniff screen,ahh the smell of cedar.... beautiful wood!!!
Fresh cedar boards, ready to be put to use.

A few tools-- and a Sonic Drink... makes any job easier!! ;-)

My working man,

and some great little helpers.

Kaden was in "carpenter heaven"!!!

All framed in--lookin' goood!!

A couple hours later-- one satisfied husband, one happy wife!!! The finished product!!!