Monday, September 19, 2011

~ An Apple Butter Makin' Day!! ~

Saturday, we were able to snag a great deal on a bushel of apples. $9.00 for 40lbs. of apples rates as an excellent deal on my price page!! :-) So today, I delved into a very delightful task!

I gave the apples a quick bath.

Then put my ever so clever apple tool to work-- LOVE this thing!! It saves so much time and effort!

Had to snap a picture of my very willing helper! I won't be surprised if his arm is a little sore in the morning. :-)

Got them all peeled, cored and cut up. Added some sugar, a few spices, and they were ready for the crock pot. After a few hours the house was starting to smell wonderful and the apples looked like this:

Several more hours, and it was looking like Apple Butter!! Ready to be canned.

About 10 hours after starting this project: canned goodness!!

Kelsey asked me to make biscuits as soon as it was done, I didn't think any of us really needed biscuits at 9 p.m. so I assured her they would be on the Tuesday morning breakfast menu!! :-)

What a wonderful Monday!!!


Anonymous said...

YUM! Good job Kaden!! Love to you all! Tina

Brenda said...

That looks really good! If I ever come across a good price on apples, I'll need your recipe!

Greg & Stephanie said...

Ryan would be all over that! He is our apple butter guy!

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious. I love apple butter!