Wednesday, October 05, 2011

September Review!!

Wow-- it's hard to believe we are well on our way into October. September was a fun-filled month... here's our picture review.

Some of our activities:

Karson trying out a new type of painting, using wheels of different cars/trucks/tractors. The more tread, the better.

Finding a birds nest-- PrAyInG that it was EMPTY when I knocked it down for the little man.

After putting his clothes in the washer he somehow got in there with them , and was amused with his accomplishment. :-)

This is more my preferred method of getting children clean.
Clean little boys. That's a miracle in itself, yeah?? :-)

We've enjoyed some beautiful days at the park. LOVE this weather!!!

People pyramids: Karson looks comfortable, Mark... not so much!

Enjoyed the great Walnut Festival. One of the highlights, besides the massive amount of candy from the 2 hour parade, was getting to try their hand at making pottery.

How could September be complete without Friday night football??:

Yep, our school colors happen to be red& black!! Never mind that my shirt says Cincinnati, it was the colors we were after. Mark got the wording right on his. ;-)

I enjoyed a wonderful birthday!! Children make all celebrations so much more fun!!

Library story time with this familiar character:

Khara had spirit week in Middle School before the Homecoming game on Friday night.
Nerd day!!! I think a person's confidence level can really show through with events like this. Let's just say.... I'm pleased with her level. ;-)

Mismatch Day!!

--Wish I would have taken a picture of her on some of the more normal looking days-- Cowboy Day, School Spirit Day... guess they didn't stand out to me quite as much. :-) Anyway, she REALLY enjoyed this week!!!

Headin' to the game! Another Friday night of football!! Again, wish I would have gotten a group pic. of the kiddos. They were certainly showing that school spirit.

Well, that wraps up our September review. Have a wonderful Thursday!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

~A Visit from the Vernons~

A couple of weeks ago Dana, Elijah, and Tanner came to Missouri for a visit while Philip is in Afghanistan. We loved having them here!!!! Karson loved having playmates during the DAY!!

Enjoying lunch together-- Silly boys!! The faces I got for asking them to say "cheese"!! :-)

Only an aunt would give a 1, 2, & 3 year old fudge bars. Don't know if I was kind or 'krazy'. ;-) They did great with them, despite Tanner looking like he tried to demolish his on Elijah's head.

Cute little Tanner.

We enjoyed going to a little fall festival:

train rides,

balloons on a stick,

and even pony rides.

Elijah and his great grandpa Englund. Watching the wool being loaded on the semi.
Cousin fun!!

Kelsey and Elijah after a long full day of play.

What an enjoyable week!! :-)