Thursday, March 14, 2013


....ending up in matching clothes with my little lady, totally unplanned, makes for a fun way to spend this Thursday of spring break!! :-)

Happy Thursday!!!!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Celebrating Karson's 5th!!

2-22-13: Karson turned 5!!  Sooo hard to believe!!!  He is sweeter than honey and loved beyond measure!! 

Starting the morning off with birthday pancakes!!

Taking birthday treats to share with his class.  His choice:  camo plates and napkins to go along with his cupcakes, drinks, and treat bags!!

A family party that evening along  with Gr.& Gr. Englund, Great Gr. Englund.

I think Khara, Kelsey, and Kaden were just as happy as he was for him to open up a Nintendo DS. :-)

Karson was thrilled to get a cowboy hat from Gr. & Gr. Englund!!   He put it to use immediately!!

 After Karson finished with his gifts, Kaden got to open an early present from Gr. and Gr. Englund.  Another happy boy... he got a cowboy hat, too!!! They have loads of fun with these!!

Birthday mail gifts from Gr. and Gr. Burley!!  He can't wait to catch something to put in that little cage!!

More presents from Aaron and Brenda.

Happy 5th Birthday, Karson!!!

Happy Heart Day 2013

I just love the fun and sweetness that Valentines Day brings!!  Lots of joyful happenings:

Karson and Kelsey had to make Valentine boxes at home.  Karson made a rocket, Kelsey a suitcase.

Kelsey made these cute little watches for her class.

Kelsey's class Valentine party.

Kaden at his 2nd grade party.

Karson's preschool Valentine party:

Check out all of those pink and red outfits!! Parents that remember life is about the little things!! :-)

Picture frame craft.

Passing out his cards and treats.

Pretty happy with  all that candy that came tumbling out of his rocket!!!!!!!

We played a few Valentine games at home that I had ready for Kelsey's class.  They look pretty intent in these pictures but they really did enjoy them!! ;-)

"Minute-To-Win It"

Getting ready for a fun Valentine meal at home!!

Happy very belated Valentine's Day!!!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

January 2013

Just realized I never got this posted... Better late than never! :-)

Welcome 2013!!!

We've been enjoying:

Eating lunch out of a box.... sometimes things just taste better.... :-)

Playing new games-- Karson especially, loves Headbands!!

Everything's more fun with a plate of delicious snacks!!!

Karson loved having spirit week at school.  This day:  Jersey Day!!  (He also loves to try to throw things up into the air while I snap a picture... funny boy)

Career Day:

Trying out new Christmas presents!! The Chocolate Fountain was a HUGE hit!!!! :-)

Piano practice, and then some more piano practice!!! Wish I could get them to enjoy doing this!! :-/

Yummy kitchen goodness!!!  With cold temps, my kitchen THRIVES!!!! :-)

Play-dough fun!!! LOVE that stuff!!! Always have, hope I always will!!!!   

Just a small recap of some of our fun January.  And now, on to February and March! :-)