Tuesday, March 05, 2013

January 2013

Just realized I never got this posted... Better late than never! :-)

Welcome 2013!!!

We've been enjoying:

Eating lunch out of a box.... sometimes things just taste better.... :-)

Playing new games-- Karson especially, loves Headbands!!

Everything's more fun with a plate of delicious snacks!!!

Karson loved having spirit week at school.  This day:  Jersey Day!!  (He also loves to try to throw things up into the air while I snap a picture... funny boy)

Career Day:

Trying out new Christmas presents!! The Chocolate Fountain was a HUGE hit!!!! :-)

Piano practice, and then some more piano practice!!! Wish I could get them to enjoy doing this!! :-/

Yummy kitchen goodness!!!  With cold temps, my kitchen THRIVES!!!! :-)

Play-dough fun!!! LOVE that stuff!!! Always have, hope I always will!!!!   

Just a small recap of some of our fun January.  And now, on to February and March! :-)

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