Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy Birthday, Karson!!!!

Happy 6th Birthday to our sweet little KARSON!!!!!  

Basketball, baseball, guns...all things boy with a sweet, sensitive spirit.  So thankful for our precious little man!!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another School Year Begins....

Wow-- how is it time for school already??  Definitely seemed to be the fastest summer ever, for us!!!  Oh, what a great summer break it was!!!!

Last Wednesday,  Karson started his first day of kindergarten!!  Khara, Kelsey, and Kaden had their first day on Thursday.
Karson meeting his teacher at Open House.  Kelsey and Kaden also had her for Kindergarten.

Kaden with his teacher at Open House-- she was also Kelsey's 3rd grade teacher!

No Open House/ meeting your 'one' teacher for Khara and Kelsey-- just getting the whole "locker thing" down!  :-)  They each  have seven different teachers and so far LOVE middle school!!!

Karson on his first day of Kindergarten---  (someone must have been walking up that he wanted to look at, I'm just glad for the smile) ;-)

First morning to the start of an incredible journey.....

18 anxious kindergarten's on that first morning.....

And one last parting shot.... :-)

Wow-- for 13 years I've had the incredible privilege of being a full time stay-at-home mom.  To see all four of my children head off to school to be gone ALL DAY was a very different feeling.  I'm so thankful for all the books we read, picnics we took, games we played...  So blessed to have enjoyed all of these special moments with each of my children, and one I don't take for granted!!!!   Praying for a great school year-- and now I'm off to get this house cleaned, laundry done, and supper underway so that when they come walking in the door this afternoon  I  can still be a full-time MOM!!!! :-)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Busy, Busy Summer!!!!

A busy, fun-filled summer started off in June with:

Fishing trips...

A piano recital...

A flourishing garden...this picture was taken several weeks ago in the gardens beginning stages.  We've enjoyed green beans, onions, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes already from this bountiful plot. Hopefully corn will be ready next week!!  LOVE our  garden!!!  :-)

Baseball games x 3 kids playing = LOTS of baseball games!!!!

A fun trip to the zoo while Gr. and Gr. Burley were visiting...

A wonderful visit from the Dickinsons.... loved having them in our home and at our church!!!

Kaden helping out with Mary.  :-)

Kelsey debuted in her first drama production:  "Tiny Thumbelina".  She had three different rolls and fell in love with theater!!!

And that was how we started the beginning of our summer.....  fun times, fast times.... if only I could slow down time!!!  :-)

Monday, July 01, 2013

End of School Year '2013' Wrap-Up

It's hard to believe that school has been out for a month, but back in MAY....  we had to say good-bye to some amazing teachers!  Khara finished 7th, Kelsey-5th, Kaden is now ready for 3rd grade and Karson finished his first  year of preschool.

I got a call from the school office the morning of the awards assembly.  Every year they choose a boy& girl student of the year.  Students are nominated by teachers and then all school staff and faculty vote.  The office called to make sure I was planning to attend the awards assembly. KELSEY had been chosen female Student of The Year!!!!   What an honor!!!!!

Kelsey with her award and her elementary principal and assistant principal.

Kaden was blessed with an amazing 2nd grade teacher!!!   The last day of school as we were walking out, with tears in his eyes, he asked me...  " Will we ever see her again????"    Of course we have, she's called to check on him, come to his baseball games..... She truly is amazing!!!!

Kaden's class singing Happy Birthday to him.

Ice cream sundaes to celebrate the birthday boy!!

Kelsey accepting her awards from her 5th grade teacher.

Last day of school, taking their teachers "Thank-You" gifts.

Khara had an awards assembly, too.  She was so happy to receive top female P.E. student of the year!!!  Khara with her P.E. coach.  Again, what an honor!!! 

Accepting her award for "Student of the Quarter".

And then another big event this school year....  my mom retired from teaching 5th grade!  We (along with scores of others) will miss her being at school soooo much!!!  Had to include a picture of her sitting at her desk one more time. 

Karson had an amazing preschool year!!!  Any teacher who can take 15-- 4&5 year-olds who have for the most part never been to school before, some that appear to have never been told "NO" and have them all very obedient and reading well in 9 short months is a hero!!!  :-)

My picture of Karson giving his teacher his last day of school gifts is on a different camera : (   Karson with some of his buddies his last day of preschool.

And another school year concludes!!!! What a GREAT year it has been!!! 

Sunday, May 05, 2013

These Past Couple of Weeks....

Sunday:    After a delicious lunch at my parents, took a walk with the kiddos.  Enjoyed the beautiful weather!!!

 Monday:  Karson and I joined Kaden's 2nd grade class for a wonderful field trip.


Wagon rides, underground slide, hikes ... lots of outdoor fun PERFECT for energy filled 2nd graders

Thursday was Karson's preschool field trip to the zoo.  Kaden joined us for this one!!  SO.MUCH.FUN!!!   

It was a cooler day, but turned out to be nearly perfect zoo weather.  (Think: no hot, sweaty kids!!)

We were so glad Kaden was able to go with us!!!

Friday: Kelsey had the honor of representing her 5th grade class at the Cedar County Spelling Bee. To say she was nervous would be an understatement!!!  WHEW, glad to have that behind us her!! She made us proud!! :-)

Celebrating after the event with the family and Grandpa &Grandma Englund at a new restaurant!!!  Notice that smile of pure relief on MY face!!! :-)

 Khara finished  up her 7th grade track season.  She competed in the 800, 4x400, and long jump.  What a fun season!!!

 Icecream makes these girls happy!!!

 Little man enjoying one of the very few warm days we've had.

 Kesley with her MAP Testing medals.  She scored in both categories!!! YEAH!!!!!!

 Khara showing me some of her work!  First place poster in her category in English and First Place overall!!!! Another happy mama moment!!! :-)

 And the first of hopefully many fishing trips for the season:

Hooray for fish that will bite!!!!!

 Now for this week:  another field trip for Kaden and Kelsey,  ball practice x3 for Kaden and Karson, end of year testing for Khara, 4H meeting, PTO teacher appreciation event,  hhmmmmm, can't remember what else but I'm sure its on my calendar!!!  :-)

So thankful for my happy life that God is blessing me with!!!