Monday, July 01, 2013

End of School Year '2013' Wrap-Up

It's hard to believe that school has been out for a month, but back in MAY....  we had to say good-bye to some amazing teachers!  Khara finished 7th, Kelsey-5th, Kaden is now ready for 3rd grade and Karson finished his first  year of preschool.

I got a call from the school office the morning of the awards assembly.  Every year they choose a boy& girl student of the year.  Students are nominated by teachers and then all school staff and faculty vote.  The office called to make sure I was planning to attend the awards assembly. KELSEY had been chosen female Student of The Year!!!!   What an honor!!!!!

Kelsey with her award and her elementary principal and assistant principal.

Kaden was blessed with an amazing 2nd grade teacher!!!   The last day of school as we were walking out, with tears in his eyes, he asked me...  " Will we ever see her again????"    Of course we have, she's called to check on him, come to his baseball games..... She truly is amazing!!!!

Kaden's class singing Happy Birthday to him.

Ice cream sundaes to celebrate the birthday boy!!

Kelsey accepting her awards from her 5th grade teacher.

Last day of school, taking their teachers "Thank-You" gifts.

Khara had an awards assembly, too.  She was so happy to receive top female P.E. student of the year!!!  Khara with her P.E. coach.  Again, what an honor!!! 

Accepting her award for "Student of the Quarter".

And then another big event this school year....  my mom retired from teaching 5th grade!  We (along with scores of others) will miss her being at school soooo much!!!  Had to include a picture of her sitting at her desk one more time. 

Karson had an amazing preschool year!!!  Any teacher who can take 15-- 4&5 year-olds who have for the most part never been to school before, some that appear to have never been told "NO" and have them all very obedient and reading well in 9 short months is a hero!!!  :-)

My picture of Karson giving his teacher his last day of school gifts is on a different camera : (   Karson with some of his buddies his last day of preschool.

And another school year concludes!!!! What a GREAT year it has been!!! 


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the update and so enjoyed having you all here. Come back soon well at least before 10 more years. :)

Brenda said...

Wow! Great awards and great school year. Loved all the pictures.