Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's been over a month since I posted so I thought I would just share some random pictures of what we've been up to.


A couple of weeks ago Khara wanted to make a dessert. (I guess the banana bread, and peanut butter bars that we already had weren't enough.) Cherry Pie is her favorite so I suggested she make one. Her first attempt--
Mixing up the dough-- cutting in the shortening.

Rolling out the pie crust.

Filled and ready to go into the oven!!!

SUCCESS!!!! We all enjoyed the "fruits of her labor" :-)!!! Simply Delicious!!!

A few weeks ago I was at a sale and asked about this chair. FREE-- can't beat that price. It was kind of beat up and had a vinyl seat. I thought this would be an easy chair for me to experiment with.

A little sanding, some new fabric, and a couple of coats of paint later--

I kinda like it now.

Another recent creation... For some reason I had never owned a spring form pan. Thanks to my parents, that was part of my b-day gift from them. I made my very first baked cheesecake--Oreo!

Other pics of the fam.--Kelsey before school one morning. Just too cute not to snap a pic. of.

Karson is at home with me all day and has fun doing all kinds of things. I was changing out the clothes in the girls' closets(hence the clothes and hangers alllll over the floor) while he was on an African Safari hunting trip.

Khara came out Sun. morning with this outfit not knowing that we were thinking alike that day---we matched. And...she was happy about it.

Kelsey joins us for the picture.

Kelsey can get her little brothers to do all kinds of things!! This one even surprised me!! :-)

Didn't want to leave out the man of the house...Karson got a truck tour yesterday after we met Mark for a little lunch date.

Well-- that's the Wednesday update!!! :-)