Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"I've Been Tagged!!!"

I was "tagged" by my friend Beth on Sunday. We are also related somehow, husbands are cousins 1st, or 2nd, removed or something.... It's too late to figure that out right now. :-)

7 Random Things About Myself:

1. I am the middle of 5 children, (an older bro. and sis, a younger bro. and sis) and love being a part of a large family!!

2. I am expecting our 4th child February 29th. (Yes, this is leap year.)

3. I was in a very serious auto accident, with my sister Dana, at the age of 14 where I flew out the back window of a truck.

4. I started working as a waitress at the age of 13.

5. I would like to own a restaurant someday.

6. I really enjoy moving to a new house. My husband has much diff. thoughts on that, he does all the lifting. :-)

7. I turned 31 yesterday and am very happy about that. As my dad always says, "beats the alternative..." :-).

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wooly Work Day

My dad has a pretty unique trade--He's a sheep shearer. He also buys the wool for a company from the customers he shears for. Tuesday was the day for the big semi truck to come and load up the many, heavy, bags of wool. (all 16,000 pounds of it). Mark always tries to go out and help, so we (the rest of the fam.), get the interesting job of watching the action.

We could not get out to my parents house until about an hour after the truck arrived. My mom had helped them load until we got there. I wish so bad that I had some pictures to document that memorable moment, but once we got there she let Mark take over. :-)

Taking a little break before starting the hard job.

Kaden relaxin' on some of the many sacks of wool.


The sacks are put on the elevator and then ride up and fall in the truck. The driver of the semi stands in the truck and organizes the bags.

What Khara, Kelsey, and Kaden did to keep themselves entertained. They were so excited to be able to play on the dirt pile. Aren't you glad kids wash???

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Only a few weeks late, here is my Labor Day weekend post! :-) In the past I did most of my posting after the kids were in bed--usually between 10:30-midnight. Now, for some strange reason, once I get the kids to bed I can't wait to get there myself. Hopefully this to will pass and I will be able to resume my midnight postings.

Labor Day weekend had our little van packed and headed to the far away state of Michigan. We had a great time and as always it just went too fast!! Mark and I had to try to explain to Khara several times, "why do the days go so fast, it seems like we just got there and now we are already on our way home....:-(" Late Monday evening, a little over 1,600 miles later, we arrived back home--safe and sound.

Random pics. for our weekend in a very mixed up order:

A little blurry due to being a night shot-- Kaden and Ryan really hit it off one night around 11:00. I think they were the only two kids still awake.

"And it all started with......"

The cousins had a blast picking and eating some of the grapes that were ready.

Ice cream time. (Kaitlynn even has one in the background) :-)

The newly created fort among the many grapevines.

Brother against Brother.

Our farewell breakfast at IHOP.

Ryan and Evan...need I say more?? j/k :-)

Greg and Kaden.

What most little girls love to do.