Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Week Of Activity

It's been a few days since my last post. The reason--a week full of activity. I know, they ALL are, but this one seemed just a little bit more full than usual.

Sunday was Kaden's 3rd birthday. Doesn't hardly seem possible. We had our usual delicious lunch at my parents then had his cake/ice cream and gifts out there. His cake request this year was a tractor. I was getting a little concerned about how to conquer that one, when my mom found a tractor cake pan at Hobby Lobby. Then, I just had to bake and decorate. At about midnight on Saturday night while attempting to finish the decorating of the cake, before his birthday on Sunday, I decided that if you have ever paid, oh, $50.00 or so to have a cake decorated for you--it's not too much!!Sunday morning, in the midst of trying to get ready for church, Khara and Kelsey made this sign for Kaden. So, I had to stick a candle in his muffin to get his "birthday day" started off right! :-)

Kaden with his cake.

Ready to blow out those candles!!!

That morning before church I was trying to snap a picture of the kids.
Two of them are ready--Khara walked in and definitely "caught their eyes".

Now, we have three ready.

Kaden joins them to complete the picture. The more you add, the harder it is to get a good shot.

Sunday evening the church had a graduation party for Kelsey and another girl graduating from 8th grade. I know I didn't get that much $$$ for my kindergarten graduation. Kelsey was one happy little girl. :-)

Thursday was Khara's last day of school!! YEAH!!! (I think) We (they) have already had water gun fights, gotten muddy, changed clothes 3 times in one day....Summer Vacation is here!!! We are off and running!! :0)Khara's awards assembly at school. She made us proud!! Due to dying camera batteries, this is the only picture I was able to get. GGRRR.

* Esp. for my siblings--The back drop in the back of the picture was for a play--modern day version of The Three Little Pigs, that my mom's 5th grade class put on for the whole elementary. I took Kelsey, Kaden and Karson up to the school on Wednesday to watch the production. The gym was packed. I asked my mom if the kids were nervous--she said, "I AM!" ;-)

Khara's last day of school. She had just gotten off the bus and was greeted by three happy siblings and one happy mama!! :-)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kelsey Graduates

Tuesday evening was Kelsey's kindergarten graduation. That has to be one of the sweetest things. It is just so cute to see 5 and 6-year olds in their little caps and gowns. Along with some other songs, they sang a medley of "I Surrender All", and "I'll Say Yes, Lord Yes". That just kind of squeezes your heart, so precious.

She is thrilled to now be considered a first grader and just could not understand why she even had to go back to school for two more days to finish out the year. :-) I told her that the last two days would be all the fun things. The class walked to the park yesterday; played and had popsicles. I'm taking pizza to them today, then they are out for the summer. Khara's last day is next Thursday.

Ready to go to the much anticipated graduation!!

Kelsey with one of her best friends, Ruthanna.

They each wore a sash that told what they wanted to be.

Posing with her best friends and teacher.

A casual class shot.

Ready to leave for school this morning, her last day of Kindergarten. I truly think this has been one of the fastest years of my life. :-{

I just got Karson ready for the day so I'll leave you with the happy smiles he's been giving! He's three months old TODAY!!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Every Friday, Khara has show and tell in her second grade class. This is what she took this past week. When I found this in my sack of potatoes I was pretty impressed, and I guess when she took it out of her back pack the second graders were too!! :-) Always trying to find something unique and different.

After putting it off for several weeks, I finally took Karson in for his first set of shots. I DREAD those days!!! Kaden had gotten up that morning with a rash on his stomach so I asked the nurse before she gave Karson his shots if she could give me some free medical advice concerning the rash. She looked at it, felt it, and declared that he needed to be seen by a Dr. That made me just a little nervous. Two hours later, I left the office with prescriptions for Kelsey and Kaden both for antibiotics to treat strep throat. Not Fun!! Oh, and as for the shots, Karson did just fine.:-)

Khara has been complaining of not being able to see things at a distance. Saturday we took her to Springfield to have her eyes tested. She left with these:One night during revival we were up around the alter and later Khara told me, "That was great, I got to see the preacher for the first time". :-{

Of course Kelsey and Kaden had to try on a few pair as well.
Don't you just love Kaden's choice?? Bless his heart..... ;-)

Her first day to wear her new glasses to school. She said there are now 5 (out of 18) kids in her class that have glasses. Seems like a pretty high percentage to me?!!


Ooops, you'll have to look at this one sideways. We just LOVE our happy baby!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

~Rhubarb Pie~

Made this today, especially for Mark. He claims it as his favorite kind. (I think his favorite tends to be whatever I have just pulled out of the oven. :-)

Just had a slice; warmed, with ice cream--YUM!! And then I wonder why I'm not a size 2.......sigh

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Tuesday....

As with the rest of the world, we have been busy! Last week we were in revival with Bro. Noel Scott. We were blessed with just some extra special services,~ wonderful! Now, we are trying to wind up this school year. Khara had track and field day last Monday, a field trip today, and one tomorrow--only 13 more days of school left for her. Kelsey's kindergarten class goes to the zoo on Thursday, has their graduation and program next Tuesday, and only has 6 days of school left. Kaden and Karson are just keeping life interesting being all boy!! May keeps us hoppin'!!

Kaden, Karson, and I went and watched Khara participate in track and field day.

Getting ready to run the 100 meter dash. She took first place!!!

The wonderful sack race! She got tickled while competing in this, not sure where she would get that from....;-)

Siblings and loving it!!

I had just put a new diaper on Karson and turned my back when Kaden took over with the diaper cream.

Kaden said, "Oh, HE even got his hand in it".

Thanks to my dad plowing a new garden spot and my grandpa(in picture) coming to disk it, I now have 100 new strawberry plants planted!!! My 20 or so plants from a couple of years ago are blooming like crazy! That amount of blooms/berries multiplied by 5 already has me saying--wow!!

Well, I'm off to try and convince a certain 2-month old that this would be a good time to say goodnight. :-)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Signs of Spring

A few of my favorite things that Spring brings (how's that for some "ing" words :-)--

Children being able to play outside!! Mark looked out the window and saw them playing where they shouldn't have--in the mud-- but they, and their clothes, will wash! :-) THANKFULLY!!

We love to hunt for mushrooms. It was just a little more challenging this year trying to get 4 kids through some thick woods that has lots of thorns, etc. We survived.
We only found 17 mushrooms this year. Some friends gave us these. They were huge!! If you know how coveted morel mushrooms are, you understand the value of that "gift". :-)

Mark tilled up the garden spot this week!! YAY!!! I got part of it planted and hope to do some more this coming week. Of course Khara, Kelsey, and Kaden LOVED it!! Don't you love their shoes??

Karson really got into the whole "garden thing", snoozing away!

I just love a good garage sale! I found all of these outfits/dresses for Khara and Kelsey at a sale yesterday.

I just had to include a couple of pics. of my smiling baby. He is such a happy boy. Just saying his name will almost get you a smile.