Saturday, May 03, 2008

Signs of Spring

A few of my favorite things that Spring brings (how's that for some "ing" words :-)--

Children being able to play outside!! Mark looked out the window and saw them playing where they shouldn't have--in the mud-- but they, and their clothes, will wash! :-) THANKFULLY!!

We love to hunt for mushrooms. It was just a little more challenging this year trying to get 4 kids through some thick woods that has lots of thorns, etc. We survived.
We only found 17 mushrooms this year. Some friends gave us these. They were huge!! If you know how coveted morel mushrooms are, you understand the value of that "gift". :-)

Mark tilled up the garden spot this week!! YAY!!! I got part of it planted and hope to do some more this coming week. Of course Khara, Kelsey, and Kaden LOVED it!! Don't you love their shoes??

Karson really got into the whole "garden thing", snoozing away!

I just love a good garage sale! I found all of these outfits/dresses for Khara and Kelsey at a sale yesterday.

I just had to include a couple of pics. of my smiling baby. He is such a happy boy. Just saying his name will almost get you a smile.


Carrie said...

My dad found 4 morel mushrooms on the golf course yesterday (he likes to go "'shroom" hunting when he's golfing, go figure?) I was blown over at how much they cost in the store!

Yardsales weren't great in my neck of the woods this morning, but I did find a very nice Lands' End coat for me for only $4!

Brenda said...

Wow - you hit the jackpot with the yard sale and the mushrooms! The garden looks delightful!

Tamra said...

Cute photos! Those mushrooms look sooo yummy! I remember hunting them when I was a little girl.

Bethany said...

I love yard saling, too! I went this last weekend. I should have called you, I was trying to think of people who would appreciate this one sale...there is a warehouse in town that supplies grocery stores with everything that isn't edible: hairspray, deo, light bulbs, etc. They have a sale twice a year. I took Max's huge plastic wagon and filled it up for 10 dollars! They mark things individually but when you go check out, they just "guesstimate" your stuff. It's a real blessing! I'll let you know when they do the fall one...we got several hundred dollars of stuff (I got a BAG of pregnancy tests to share with my girlfriends who are starting families!!!!) FUN!!!!

We get morels, too. YUMMY!

When Max was in his roly-poly stage, I always called him my little toad. :0) I love chunky babies, they're the only way to cuddle!

Jana said...

Bethany, OHHH---I would LOVE to go to a sale like that!!! That would definitely we worth a trip over to KS. :-)

Liz said...

Your little man is so sweet. I love the mud pictures - that looks like fun!

Yes, can you believe my bumbo deal??? I was thrilled! I'm thinking it will be a great outside seat, great for camp meetings when I'm dressing everyone else, etc. Well worth the money invested.

a member of the castle said...

What's better than gardens and garage sales?! :-) Oh, yes, and kids being kids!

Luanna J. Wright said...

You new little one looks a bit like Kaden don't you think?

GT Burley's said...

Hi everyone!! You all look like your enjoying the spring of 08! Glad you had such a great trip to Dayton. I found a great deal at a yard sale for Harmony. A Eddie Bauer down jacket. It's a pretty cream color so I almost didn't buy it, besides she wasn't with me to let me know it was "good". But she loves it. Score. You all take care, hope to see ya soon. Love ya, Tina

Kelly S said...

Your kids are darling.

I would love to have a garden like that! I just need to find someone to do the work for me!:)

Nancy said...

I love that baby sweet. I also love the kids in the garder in their barefeet! To me, that's the best part about having a garden....I still love that soft dirt between the toes!(I know, I'm a little crazy) Hope it grows well for you after all that work!!!