Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Week Of Activity

It's been a few days since my last post. The reason--a week full of activity. I know, they ALL are, but this one seemed just a little bit more full than usual.

Sunday was Kaden's 3rd birthday. Doesn't hardly seem possible. We had our usual delicious lunch at my parents then had his cake/ice cream and gifts out there. His cake request this year was a tractor. I was getting a little concerned about how to conquer that one, when my mom found a tractor cake pan at Hobby Lobby. Then, I just had to bake and decorate. At about midnight on Saturday night while attempting to finish the decorating of the cake, before his birthday on Sunday, I decided that if you have ever paid, oh, $50.00 or so to have a cake decorated for you--it's not too much!!Sunday morning, in the midst of trying to get ready for church, Khara and Kelsey made this sign for Kaden. So, I had to stick a candle in his muffin to get his "birthday day" started off right! :-)

Kaden with his cake.

Ready to blow out those candles!!!

That morning before church I was trying to snap a picture of the kids.
Two of them are ready--Khara walked in and definitely "caught their eyes".

Now, we have three ready.

Kaden joins them to complete the picture. The more you add, the harder it is to get a good shot.

Sunday evening the church had a graduation party for Kelsey and another girl graduating from 8th grade. I know I didn't get that much $$$ for my kindergarten graduation. Kelsey was one happy little girl. :-)

Thursday was Khara's last day of school!! YEAH!!! (I think) We (they) have already had water gun fights, gotten muddy, changed clothes 3 times in one day....Summer Vacation is here!!! We are off and running!! :0)Khara's awards assembly at school. She made us proud!! Due to dying camera batteries, this is the only picture I was able to get. GGRRR.

* Esp. for my siblings--The back drop in the back of the picture was for a play--modern day version of The Three Little Pigs, that my mom's 5th grade class put on for the whole elementary. I took Kelsey, Kaden and Karson up to the school on Wednesday to watch the production. The gym was packed. I asked my mom if the kids were nervous--she said, "I AM!" ;-)

Khara's last day of school. She had just gotten off the bus and was greeted by three happy siblings and one happy mama!! :-)


Brenda said...

Wow - you did a good job on that tractor cake. Kaden looks like he loved it! And the sign the girls made is so neat (love Khara's hiked dress on the side, too). :-) I would have liked to have seen that play in the gym!

Martha C said...

Cute pics and loved the cake, too. It is always fun to see new shots of your baby.

Nancy said...

Good job on the cake!I know too well the stress of making about pressure...especially when you have to post them on a blog! haha You did great though and just think of the $$ you saved...that's enough to buy yourself a new outfit :) I'll try to remind myself of that as I work on Michael's tomorrow!

Les said...

Adorable kids! The cake did look great. It is harder to get a shot of the kids when there is more. Someone always seems to be looking a different way. You did capture some good ones!