Monday, May 19, 2008


Every Friday, Khara has show and tell in her second grade class. This is what she took this past week. When I found this in my sack of potatoes I was pretty impressed, and I guess when she took it out of her back pack the second graders were too!! :-) Always trying to find something unique and different.

After putting it off for several weeks, I finally took Karson in for his first set of shots. I DREAD those days!!! Kaden had gotten up that morning with a rash on his stomach so I asked the nurse before she gave Karson his shots if she could give me some free medical advice concerning the rash. She looked at it, felt it, and declared that he needed to be seen by a Dr. That made me just a little nervous. Two hours later, I left the office with prescriptions for Kelsey and Kaden both for antibiotics to treat strep throat. Not Fun!! Oh, and as for the shots, Karson did just fine.:-)

Khara has been complaining of not being able to see things at a distance. Saturday we took her to Springfield to have her eyes tested. She left with these:One night during revival we were up around the alter and later Khara told me, "That was great, I got to see the preacher for the first time". :-{

Of course Kelsey and Kaden had to try on a few pair as well.
Don't you just love Kaden's choice?? Bless his heart..... ;-)

Her first day to wear her new glasses to school. She said there are now 5 (out of 18) kids in her class that have glasses. Seems like a pretty high percentage to me?!!


Ooops, you'll have to look at this one sideways. We just LOVE our happy baby!!!


Julie said...

I had to laugh at Kaden's choice of glasses! Too cute! I'm planning to get Mollie's eyes checked before she starts kindergarten this fall. She loves to play computer games but I've noticed her sitting literally inches away from the screen. I had to start wearing glasses in the first grade so I hope she doesn't take after me.

Misty said...

Karson is getting so big! Khara looks very cute in her glasses. I remember getting them in the 4th grade. Hope everyone is feeling better at your house soon!

The Arender's said...

He is so cute. Khara looks great in her new glasses. I got a pair recently that look very similar to that. My first pair, in third grade, well let's just say they weren't near that classy. ;-)

Nancy said...

Tell Khara the glasses were a very stylish choice. What a cute comment about seeing the preacher for the first must be great to be seeing so much better. I had to laugh at Kaden and his "help" with the Desitin! Also, your pie looks SCRUMPTIOUS. That's something I intend to work on one of these days...pie of these days:)

Bethany said...

Hey Jana,
I left a message on what I believe to be your answering machine :). I got it off I didn't want cb to know I called you, but I have some questions about the zoo over there. Could you email me at or I left my phone number on the machine. :) Thanks so much!

Stephanie said...

Very cute show-and-tell choice! That must have been one heavy backpack!

On a funny note, Kaden's choice of glasses reminds me of some his Uncle Greg had way back in grade school!