Thursday, September 01, 2011

My Potting Bench!!

Last week I saw an adorable potting bench on a blog I love to follow, Thrifty Decor Chic. She had a little pictorial of how she and her dad had made it. She gave excellent instructions and assured her readers that it was soooo simple to make. I told Mark I had something I would like him to see/ read... the directions to make a POTTING BENCH!!! He was ready to tackle the task.... what a great guy I have!!! ;-)

Saturday, we loaded up the van and headed to an Amish sawmill. Mark had already talked to the owner about the project and the possibility of us getting some beautiful cedar. He was happy to sell us some and we were thrilled to get it.... wish this computer had a scratch and sniff screen,ahh the smell of cedar.... beautiful wood!!!
Fresh cedar boards, ready to be put to use.

A few tools-- and a Sonic Drink... makes any job easier!! ;-)

My working man,

and some great little helpers.

Kaden was in "carpenter heaven"!!!

All framed in--lookin' goood!!

A couple hours later-- one satisfied husband, one happy wife!!! The finished product!!!


The Salisburys said...

Awesome! He did a fantastic job!

Brenda said...

O my word - that's incredible! Really neat that you have it and that Mark made it! :-)

Aimee said...

Wow! Super nice!

Queen of the Castle said...

oooo! i LOVE it! so beautiful! :-)