Tuesday, August 16, 2011

...and The Adventure Begins-- School Year 2011- 2012

I can't hardly believe that summer vacation is over and another school year began today. We had a wonderful summer but thankfully, my kids are usually pretty enthusiastic about heading back to the classroom. May have something to do with the new school supplies, shoes, clothes, and meeting back up with all their friends, but never the less-- they always get excited. :-)

The evening before school starts the PTO hosts an Open House so the students can bring their school supplies and meet their teacher. Khara, Kesley and Kaden-- ready to go!!

Not to be outdone by the siblings, Karson grabbed his backpack on the way out the door.

Kaden visiting his classroom for the first time. His first venture at the public school for 1st grade!
Kaden with his very sweet teacher, Mrs. Sayler.

Kelsey in her 4th grade classroom. Checking everything out!

"Hhmmmm, look at all those books!"

Kelsey with her teacher, Miss Conner. She is so excited to be in her class.

For the first time Khara doesn't have a homeroom teacher to pose for a picture with. She has 7 teachers. She decided she would get a picture with her locker. A new thing for 6th graders.

And when she can finally get that combination to work, she is THIS kind of thrilled!!! ;-)

Tuesday-- First Day of School. They were up early, dressed, and ready for the day waayy early!!

Once again, Karson grabbed his backpack on the way out the door. HE wanted to go to school, too. Poor little guy, he cried and cried after we had dropped them off.

Kaden in his classroom on the first day.

I consoled Karson be telling him we would have school at home this year. We came home and got out every workbook we could find Pre-K- 1st grade. He was thrilled. He/we worked away until we left to go to camp. Happy Boy!!!

I am so thankful that we are blessed with such a great school!! Praying for another WONDERFUL YEAR for my children!!!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! Can't believe how they are all growing up! :)

Brenda said...

Loved all these pictures - especially the one of Khara in front of her locker after she got the combination. :-) They all look so cute in their new school clothes! Poor Karson - I'm sure he's still adjusting. :-) Addy kept waving at the pictures every time I enlarged them.

Anonymous said...

Neat! Great pics of the kids -looks like they've grown since June :) Glad you have a great public school too. I feel so bad for Karson... but I'm sure he'll love being the "only child" for a few hours each day :)

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe that school is back in session. Your kids look so cute. Loved the pictures.