Saturday, July 09, 2011

Happy Birthday Khara and Kelsey!!!

Khara and Kelsey both celebrated a birthday a week ago. Kelsey was 9 on June 29, and Khara turned 11 on July 6. This year they were happy to have a combined party. We were so happy that Phil, Dana, Elijah and Tanner were here for their birthday this year!!

Kelsey wanted a cell phone cake this year!

Khara chose to have an ice cream cake. We all enjoyed the cake/ice cream combo! :-)

Ready to blow out those candles!!

Gift time-- some happy, excited girls!!!

They were thrilled to receive their pool. Kaden said, "I'm kinda liking this, too!!!" ;-)

Happy Birthday, Khara and Kelsey!!!!


Brenda said...

Looks like they had a good birthday! Would love to get in that pool with them!!

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday to two special nieces! Those cakes look good. We like the ice cream cakes from DQ...perfect combo on a hot day! Hoping to set up our pool as soon as we get home. What's up with this stinkin' heat? :-)

Nancy said...

happy Birthday to both girls!! I loved it that they got a pool. We bought one just like it at Target last week and I'd daresay we have gotten our moneys worth already. It really helps me to get my inside work done when they are all out having a great time in the backyard! And I love their cakes. You are so talented in the cake department..

Anonymous said...

So celebrate together. Looks like they had a great time.