Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, KELSEY !!!

We are enjoying having lots of family here this week. My sister, Dana came to MO. last Friday, her boyfriend Philip got here Sunday, Vicki, -Drew, Caleb, Kaley, and Camen came Tuesday, and Kendall and Leanna flew in yesterday morning. Having a GREAT time!!!

I'm having a hard time trying to find the time to's a quick one. :-)


Kelsey turned 5 the 29th!

Since Khara's birthday is one week after Kelsey's she ends up getting some of her gifts early. Opening presents from Gr. and Gr. Englund.

Packages from Aaron and Brenda. I think all children LOVE to get mail. :-)

Modeling the headbands from Africa that Brenda sent them for their birthday. (Also probably sporting the really cool lip gloss from her.)

More gifts from Gr. and Gr. Burley. (Opened right before bedtime- hence the "outfits".) They each got their own disposable camera. They were very, very happy about that!!! :-)


Les said...

Happy Birthday, Kelsey! Hope you had a great one and I'm glad you had so many family members that could spend it with you.

Martha C said...

I still like to get mail other than junk, too. :-)

Phillip D said...

Happy Birthday, Kelsey! We miss you all. Blessings from Colombia