Thursday, July 10, 2008


We just love Branson!! Last week we took a short trip with Jeff and Vicki and their five children. We packed the three days to the fullest and made many wonderful memories!!

First stop--Lamberts Restaurant.

Waiting for our name to be called at Lambert's. "Party of 13... 4 adults, 9 children." Caleb, Jeff, and Karson-- sporting Jeff's sunglasses.

Kelsey after having just caught the famous "hot roll". Obviously no one was aware of the photographer except Karson. :-)

"How about a chicken leg?!"

Celebration City~Getting ready to enter the park.

Kelsey, Kaley, Khara, Kaden, Drew. Vicki commented that if we have one more child we will be able to fill up this ride on both sides with just cousins!

Jeff and Vicki with there newest addition, 2 month old Emme.

Trying to get all the cousins on the big rocker for a picture.

Camen and Karson got pretty well acquainted waiting in strollers for the others to get off rides.

Yep, it was a bright, sunny, day!!

Neat little water area that Kaley and Kelsey played in while the older ones played mini-golf.

Gotta love those rides where the little ones can get on by themselves. Kaden and Kelsey with Kaley and Camen in the back.

The wonderful Shoot-the-Shoot. Vicki took Kaley, Kelsey, and Kaden on this five times while the guys and Khara were mini-golfing. I'm not thrilled with 'plunges' so I was more than happy to sit with Emme, Camen, and Karson.

When Jeff, Mark and the rest of them finished golf they had to try it out as well. They loved it!!! Seven more rides later, we tried something else. The rides were so quick to get on!!!

Karson at the old age of 4 months rode his first amusement park ride!!! I almost had to turn my head, but Mark was just certain he would be fine and love it. With a thin seat belt on and Caleb's strong arms holding him from the back, he rode the Bumble Bees. EEEKKKK!! We both survived! :-}

We returned home around midnight Wednesday night. A great three days spent with some great people who just happen to be wonderful family!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great vacation...looks like everyone had fun. Branson is such a really neat place to visit...I love it there.

Tamra said...

Enjoyed all the photos. Nothing beats a fun time with family. Glad you had a great time away.

Kendall & Leanna said...

Great photos! looks like so much fun. there will be 2 more cousins added to the bunch in the coming months, maybe 3?? JK :)

Stephanie said...

My guess is you'll be filling up that ride with cousins...Mark's "quiver" doesn't quite seem full enough! :) Glad you had a good time over the 4th!

Brenda said...

Love the picture of Karson riding that ride - can't believe it!! I'd sure love to have one of those Lambert's hot rolls right now!

Missy said...

Oh my goodness...Karson looks so little on there. Aren't daddy's great about saying "it will be okay?!" lol! I would love to go back to Branson. It is a long ways from where I live. =)

Misty said...

I had to laugh when I started reading your blog, we are planning on going to Branson this week and Wes said, we have to go early enough to eat at Lamberts!!

We will have 7 adults and ONLY 7 kids since my SIL and her little ones are going to a wedding.....

Julie said...

Looks like you had a great time. Enjoyed your pictures!

Nancy said...

Wow...looks like you all had a GREAT time! The rides look So fun for the kids. When we're thinking about vacation, I always mention branson, but so far it hasn't gone over yet! Before your posting, the main reason i wanted to go, was to go to the Dino theatre...I'm a HUGE Dino fan. Maybe one of these days I'll get someone convinced....LOL!

Luanna J. Wright said...

Are you going to post some more stuff anytime soon?? :-)