Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Our Wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend

I just love Thanksgiving and this year was no exception!! We spent the day with my dad's side of the family and had a great time. There were 48 of us there which makes for lots of fun!!

With a crowd of that number, you are sure to have a FEAST!! Delicious it was!!

Kelsey with cousin Joey Dodson.

Tradition has it that in the afternoon the girls go downstairs and make crafts while the guys go outside for football and/or paintball. The girls always have lots of fun and I'm sure the guys do as well although they have to pay for it. "Oh, I'm so sore....."

Friday morning, after going to bed a little after midnight, we headed out around 3a.m. with Brenda and Aaron, for some serious Black Friday shopping. (or at least acting like we were :-)

Waiting at K-Mart in the predawn hours. I'm standing beside Aaron in front of the "wise one" in the shorts and T-shirt. The temp. was a very chilly 19 degrees when we left that morning. Can't imagine being in such a hurry to head out that you forget to grab your coat (or long pants)??!!

Enjoying our breakfast 5 hours after getting up.


Baby News--

Just a quick update. I had a Dr. apt today and things are going well. I measured ahead of schedule again and inquired about the size of the baby. The Dr. decided to do another ultrasound this Thursday to answer both of our questions?? 1-When do we think this baby might actually arrive?? 2- How big is the baby already?? They will also be checking the position of the placenta and fluid levels to see if everything is in the position that it should be. I'm trusting God for a miracle!!


Kendall & Leanna said...

Enjoyed looking at all the pictures. Wish we could have been there. Hope everything goes well at your doctor's appointment. We're ready to meet our new nephew. :)

Liz said...

Looks like a great time with the family! :>)

Hope everything looks all right at your ultrasound. . . when are you due? I'm measuring right on track for the end of Feb. :>)

Take care!

Jana said...

Leanna- We really missed you guys at Thanksgiving too!! If only Mo. and N.C. weren't so far apart...

Liz- My due date is actually Feb. 29, but yesterday I measured 3 weeks ahead of schedule. I didn't realize you were due at the end of Feb. as well. We may have little boys very close in age. :-)

Martha C said...

You brave woman to go out on "Black Friday." I was up at a good shopping time, but it was to feed a baby. :-)
Looking forward to hearing your ultrasound news.

Les said...

I thought we had a lot of people for Thanksgiving! You sure have us beat! I love shopping on Black Friday! I don't get crazy (I prefer for my kids not to see me on the news) but some people are very serious.
I had big babies too. Look forward to what they have to say!