Tuesday, November 06, 2007

~School Pictures~

I am a very big fan of school pictures. (did I just hear an "Amen" from Brenda) :-) Khara and Kelsey had them taken back in September. Thankfully, we have never been hit with outlandish prices. I think they were $11.00 for Kelsey and $13.00 for Khara's. Khara's were taken by 'LifeTouch', and Kelsey's school went with Kramer Photography this year. They are not always the perfect smile or pose that you would expect from a studio, but definitely priceless when putting them in their school scrapbooks.


Khara-- 2nd grade (with possibly the last picture where she will be smiling with "little" front teeth) :-)

Well, I'm off to the Dr. where I get to chug down who knows how many ounces of 'glu-cola' (the nurses title for the liquid), to make sure I am not a victim of gestational diabetes. Thankfully, never have been!!!!! With already having the tendency of delivering "above average size....", AGAIN, I say, THANKFULLY!!!!


cincymarge said...

Good luck and have fun drinking that orange concoction...at least that was the color of mine when I had it!

Les said...

Very cute pictures!
The thought of drinking that stuff again turns my non-pregnant stomach!

Liz said...

I've been checking your blog and enjoyed seeing what's going on in your world! How did I miss the fact that you were expecting? Maybe we'll be delivering about the same time - I have to drink that awful stuff in a couple weeks . . . :>)

Your children are precious! Take care!
Liz Stetler, OKC

GT Burley's said...

Khara and Kelsey you are just beautiful!! I wish I took as good of pics when I was little! Give Kaden a hug for me!
Sorry, I don't remember that wonderful drink you are talking about. I guess its just been to long ago.
By the way Harmony is old enough but she is happy to let Amanda drive. She'll be taking driver's training in the spring.
Love to you all!

Angie Davis said...

Those pictures came out very cute! I always looked like an albino chipmunk in school photos.

Brenda said...

Yes, yes - a hearty AMEN from me! Glad you don't need any convincing. I've heard too many parents already say, "I wish I had gotten their school pictures every year..." and it's way to late 5-8 years later! Save one of Khara's and Kelsey's for me if you have enough - love 'em.

Kendall & Leanna said...

Great school pics. You never realize how much kids change until you get out the pictures and compare them from year to year.
I've heard about that sugar gunk you have to drink. sounds disgusting. :) let us know how it goes.

Nancy said...

Cute pictures. Your girls are growing so fast! They are both so pretty. Can't believe Khara has managed to keep all her teeth intact! Lauren just lost #13 last week....this is getting expensive playing tooth fairy!!!:)

Stephanie said...

I didn't know they were still using that drink! They quit around here before I had Ryan, so I never had the privilege. Each time I am delighted to be able to eat a lg. candy bar - this time the requirement was Hershey's plain...mmm!