Thursday, November 01, 2007

**Halloween Happenings**

I am the room mother for Khara's 2nd grade class this year which means I "get" to organize the parties. It was fun attending the Halloween party and seeing what all of the kids were dressed as:

Khara wanted to be a princess. Her flower girl dress from the wedding Saturday came in very handy.

Is the 31st complete without a carved pumpkin?? (Kelsey is also modeling Dracula teeth that they got earlier in treat bags.)

The finished product. (Kelsey, still w/ the teeth.)

Ready to head out for an evening of trick-or-treating!! Cowgirl Kelsey and Princess Khara. (pictures taken in a hurry=poor quality pictures)

Fireman Kaden. I wanted him to be a scarecrow, but he was set on being a firefighter. The hat was grabbed out of the toy box, a little paint, foil + ruler= hatchet; He was "good to go" !! :-)

Taking inventory of the stash.


cincymarge said...

Cute pics!!! Looks fun!

Adam & Val said...

cute! and i love the chiefs uniforms... brings back memories of childhood.

Les said...

Cute pictures! Loved the wedding photos too.

Kendall & Leanna said...

I LOVE the outfits especially Kelsey as a cowgirl.

Brenda said...

All 3 look very cute! I love Khara's cone hat, Kelsey's hair, and Kaden's hatchet. :-)

Angie Davis said...

Don't you love the vampire teeth? The only thing better is the Billy Bob ones my son has. :)