Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Summer Youth Camp Memories/Englund Cousins

Flipping thru the pics. on my camera, I came across these great summer memories.  

Mark and I were Junior team sponsors at Youth Camp this year and LOVED it!!!  Khara and Kelsey were both on teams, Kaden and Karson just hung with us!!  A great way to spend a week!!!

 This precious boy gave us lots of "memory making" events that week!!

 Our great team!!

 Khara with friends and one of her sponsors.

 Scripture memorization is a big part of camp.  This team member really started whipping out the verses. After he had surpassed the "100 verse" mark, Mark determined that if he could say 100, surely he could make it to 200!!!!  And,,,, he did!!!! He was so proud, and so were we!!!

 He ended up being top verse quoter for the Juniors!!!

 Kelsey loved camp!!!

Another great week this summer, having the cousins visit!!!

 Camen+Karson,+Kaden=  3 peas in a pod!!!

 Girl fun!!

 Cute little men, headin' to church!!!

The boys wanted to sleep in their tents one night, so we had an "indoor camp out" .    The best kind??  :-)

A fun, fun couple of weeks!!!!


Brenda said...

Those camp pictures have FUN written all over them!! And the cousin ones too! :-)

The Dickinsons said...

Jana, loved this post. AND I LOVE Y'ALL'S FAMILY PIC UP TOP...CUTE! Love your Christmasy background too...didn't see that when I chose mine.

Thanks for your sweet comment.

I hope that you are having a great Christmas season.

Love and miss y'all,

Anonymous said...
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