Monday, January 21, 2008

"Happy Monday"

Today we start another week~yeah!!! Last week was verrrry busy, lots of fun, but busy. This is what we did:

Monday I had a Dr. apt. The baby measured at 38 weeks which doesn't mean that it will come early but rather that my chances of having a little 6lb. baby are nil-to-none. :-) I'm due one month from today!!!!

Anytime we go to Nevada we try to meet up with this great guy! Kaden LOVES it!!

Tuesday I went to my first ever card making party. Now that could almost get addictive, especially when kids were welcome. She had all the supplies laid out, and we just got to chat and "work" away while the kids played.

Thursday I got my "Deal of the Week". I had been eyeing these dishes for a couple of weeks after Christmas at a local store hoping they would clearance them even more than they were. Thursday they ran a special of 75% off plus an additional 20% off!! Just too good to pass up!!! I was thrilled to discover they still had them when I got to the store. I was able to get 13 plates plus several other pieces to go with the set. My first Christmas $ well spent. :-) (Kaden just knew we needed to use them that night for supper).

Mark also surprised me with an early baby gift~ a very, very cute diaper bag!! I was thrilled with his purchase!!!!

Friday, Kelsey and Kaden went to a friend's b-day party. I think this was Kaden's first B-day party to attend. Brave mom to have a house of 2-5 year-olds and feed them Chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting.:-) They had a great time!!


Anonymous said...

I love the card with the little blue stamp! Did you make it yourself? I wanted to make my own using these baby footprints. I think I'm going to try to make a stencil. Isn't cardmaking great?

Jana said...


I did make the card myself. I tried to make several baby boy thank-yous (to use in the next several weeks)!! I used a lady's stuff that had lots of Stampin' Up'. She had a lot of baby stamps that were just too cute! Fun, Fun!!!

Oh, and you are.....??? :-)

Carrie said...

Measuring 38 weeks with 4 weeks to go? I will definitely be praying for you!

Brenda said...

I love those red plates and the new diaper bag is cool too! That birthday party looked fun - loved the upside down cupcake in front of Kaden! :-)

Kendall & Leanna said...

The card making party sounds fun. Love those dishes as well and the diaper bag. Mark has good taste. :)

Cincy RN said...

Believe it or not I use to make cards! It can be a lot of fun! I enjoyed it. I had a friend who had the entire stamping up collection! An entire room dedicated to stamps! Dont go that extreme!! :)

Luanna J. Wright said...

Is the baby going to be a boy? Two girls and two boys!

I wonder...what will ours be....?????


Jana said...

Yep, we are going to have a 2nd little boy! :-) Is your mom going to find out what she is having? I'm sure you all would like a boy, but 4 girls would be really fun too!! It's a win-win situation!!

Martha C said...

Love the cards. You did a great job!

Char said...

I haven't checked your blog for a - lots of stuff happening in your family!!! Your children are so beautiful -- have you really been gone from GBS that long??? Wasn't it just yesterday that you were working in the Academy and then that big burly Burley whisked you away?!

Oh - and I LOVE the red plates!!!

Angie Davis said...

That diaper bag is adorable!