Friday, October 12, 2007

"Out with the Old, In with the New!!"

Pulling clothes from the washer that were still dripping is not exactly what you want to deal with when you have a pile of laundry at your feet. I made a quick phone call to Mark. He stopped by one of the appliance stores he delivers to, and by the next day THIS: was in my laundry room.

Yay--for a husband who moves quickly to take care of his wifes needs.
Yay--for an appliance company that delivers 30 miles away with no extra charge, and installs the new washer and removes the old one.
Yay--for the new FISHER & PAYKEL washing machine. Talk about a huge tub; and really, really dry clothes when you take them out. I'm impressed!!!

What we said good-bye to. Yes, it looks like it is in great condition because it served us well for oh, only about 3 years. What ever happened to the 25 year lasting washing machines??


Martha C said...

3 years??? Sorry to read that! When we moved here, we did have to buy a new washer. Previously I had enjoyed one from my Mom that seriously was about 25 years old. I hope our new one lasts half as long, and I will be happy.

cincymarge said...

Glad you got new washer!!! I have had to deal with the not totally wringing out the clothes washer and not fun at all.

Angie Davis said...

The 25 year machine was at my house until this year. It's dead now. :)

Les said...

Doesn't it show how old we are getting when we get so excited about new washing machines? I know the feeling!

Nancy said...

Yay for a man who buys appliances for his wife!! And yes...I am impressed by the fact that one phone call did the job! An attentive husband for sure. That should make your life easier! Enjoy!