Saturday, February 03, 2007

P.J. Day

Khara came home from school on Thursday very excited. Mrs. Mays, her teacher, announced that the next day they would have pajama day. All of this week they had been doing state testing. For a class of first graders, that makes for a long week. This is how they were going to celebrate the end of the tests. I had some mixed feelings about the idea at first but after we found some appropriate attire (and even matching tights and hairbow) she was a very happy little girl.

She left the next morning armed with a couple of bags of chocolate to share, her sleeping bag, pillow, slippers, and a stuffed animal.

Kelsey and I took a day to welcome in February by baking one of our favorite cookies, SUGAR COOKIES. The yellow and blue were her choice of colors which turned out very cheery for a cold, snowy day.


Luanna J. Wright said...

Cute! I am glad u had fun!

Brenda said...

Khara still looks a bit sleepy here. :-)

Nancy said...

Cute jammies outfit! We do a jammies day every Monday. I picked that day because it's harder to get the kids going on Mondays. Looks like Khara would've fit right in! :) Just wondering if the teacher took part????

Jana said...

Nice idea for Mondays--that's a hard day for me to "get-going" on because of all the weekend work to catch up on. No, Khara's teacher did not take part. She's young, but doesn't have children yet. I really think that makes a difference. She is an awesome teacher though!!