Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Parties

Hooray- we made it through the parties!!

Kelsey's class party was Wed. morning. Kaden enjoyed being in a preschool classroom very much, (he's very "hands-on" :-)), which made me very nervous about the idea of taking him to Khara's later that afternoon, where I would be helping 1st graders with cookies and needed both hands.

Kelsey, Kaden, and I stopped by my mother's 5th grade classroom on our way down the hall to Khara's party. Their party was already in full swing (almost literally, 20+ 5th graders on a party day!!!) and she volunteered to keep Kaden in her room. WONDERFUL!!! He had a blast and her kids loved it.

The parties went so smooth, thankfully, and they had a great time- which is the most important!!

Kelsey's Party:

Kelsey and Kaden enjoying the Valentine treats.

Kelsey along with her friends Brooke Larson and Sarah King opening a few of their treat bags.

Khara's Party:

Khara, along with her good friend Ashely Knoll, looking at some of their Valentine Cards.

Frosting the cookies.
The finished product!!!


Luanna J. Wright said...

Fun! Fun! If you go to my blog there are some pics of what we made!

Nancy said...

Jana, you must have gotten my dose of patience! :) I will be filing away that idea of cookies on a fun.

Brenda said...

That is so neat! I'm sure everyone thought Khara was SO COOL for bringing such a fun treat!

I guess all those years in FHA making heart cookies paid off! :-)