Saturday, February 10, 2007

Like Father, Like Son

If you know Mark very well at all you know that his "sports blood" runs very strong, solid Maize & Blue. Now that Kaden is quickly approaching the ripe old age of 21 months, he thought it was high time that he had his own Michigan hat.

The package came in the mail last week. They now sport matching hats that I will have to admit are very cute. (I guess it is okay to say that a little blue fitted hat is "cute"???) As all sales go, if you buy one then you could get a second for a very low cost(uhum, uhum) at half price.

Kaden is also the proud owner of a little black and red Cincinnati Bearcats "lil' one fit" hat. Very, very, cute!!
Thanks Mark, and Kaden for posing so that I could show off your pictures to the W.W.W. :-)

Kaden is finally getting use to taking his breathing treatments. Maybe it's the new hat or the promise of the last piece of cherry pie???


Stephanie said...

This is so funny because we ended up with an extra M hat from Lids, still sitting in my closet, still in the bag, and I had just been wondering if it would fit Kaden. It might be a little big since it's fitted, but it was either yesterday or the day before that I was wondering if he had one. Glad he's not deprived of the "important" stuff! HA!

Brenda said...

Cute hat. It's still sad to see Kaden doing his breathing treatments, but I'm glad there is something that helps him breathe better.

Martha C said...

I love the hats! I have some very sports minded boys due to their father, too. :-)
Does Kaden have asthma? I recognize those little dinosaur masks all too well!

Luanna J. Wright said...

Very cute!
Check out my blog there is soem new things on there....remember

Jana said...


Unfortunately, Kaden does have "over-reactive airway". I guess they won't diagnose it as asthma until he is 2. We have tried the chiropractor a few times and are hoping that he will outgrow it. Until then, our cabinet is stashed with Albuterol, Pulmicort, and Singulair. Maybe it's the red hair??:-)