Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Is It Spring Yet???

I know, I know, we still have a month to go but here in Missouri we have been enjoying a few
beautiful days. Khara and Kelsey have been able to play outside for the first time in months. Kaden takes a nap in the afternoon so as of yet he hasn't joined them. Due to all of the mud left... we are very thankful he is sleeping.
Khara and Kelsey love to play with shaving cream. It's cheap, smells good, and cleans up very easy so, I like it too!! Kaden had his first experience with it yesterday. He very timidly touched it at first, then "dove in". His clothes were covered but, it washes easy. :-)

I usually put it on cookie sheets but figured Kaden would "benefit" from a deeper container.
Kelsey loves to write her name in it, draw pics., shapes, ...then wipe it smooth.


Martha C said...

What a perfect idea! I have been trying to come up with some "indoor thing" that Ethan can use with his construction trucks. I had thought cereal, but that is a messy waste. Shaving cream sounds wonderful!

Brenda said...

That does look really fun!

Luanna J. Wright said...

It is like 60's and 54's out in Gardner Kansas! Enjoy!

Nancy said...

LOVE that picture of the two girls on the tire swing. So cute! I've never heard of "shaving cream play", but will have to file that one away for a boring day!