Monday, March 02, 2009

"Happy Birthday, Karson!!"

Last Sunday, Karson celebrated the big "1"!! This year has definitely seemed the fastest year of my life. It seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago that I held this precious 10lb. 1oz. little guy for the first time!! Time marches on! I'm trying to remember to treasure each moment.

Karson is now walking/running, loves to climb, weighs 28 lbs, has 7 teeth,....the pride and joy of three older siblings. A happy handful!! :-)

Enjoying his cake at Grandpa &Grandma Englunds. I had my camera on the wrong setting, thus the dark pictures :(.

Kaden was more than happy to help him blow out the candle. :-)

The most adorable little flip-flops(and crocs. too) from Gr. and Gr. Englund. It is so funny to try to put these on Karson. He just curls his little toes and smiles!!

Loving his "big-boy" car seat. (Even if his foot is caught and his mom is totally unaware...)

"Happy Birthday to my favorite little one year old!!!"


Brenda said...

LOVED this update. Karson is huge - and I love the picture of his foot caught in the car seat. :-) So funny. You did a great job on that cake - really cute!

The Arender's said...

Happy Birthday little man! He is so cute Jana! Very cute cake!

Kendall and Leanna said...

A year already... still love his smile. Cake looked really good. :)

Andrea said...

Very cute pics!! Happy Belated Birthday! I love the cake...did you make it?
P.S. This is Stephanie's case you don't know.