Thursday, March 05, 2009

First Haircut

Karson's hair officially reached its lenght limit this week. Mark had kept mentioning that a haircut was very much in order for the little guy. I kept trying to stall around for a few more days/weeks. I think it makes them look so much older instantly!! (kinda want him to stay a baby for just a little bit looonger :-)

Anyway....when a little water produced this hairstyle--I knew it was time!!

Mark tackled the chore at home and they both did wonderful!!!

The end result--a much more neat, trim, adorable BABY boy!! :-)


Brenda said...

That first picture is hilarious!! He reminded me of "Red" from Silver Dollar City! :-) He sure does look older now with his hair cut - but still cute as ever!

Rob and Deanna said...

He is so Cute! Makes you want to reach through the screen & squeeze him. :-) I LOVE chubby babies!

victoria said...

He still looks like a baby to me!:)

Andrea said...

Very cute!! I always pushed the first haircut off as long as I could!! :)

Anonymous said...

He looks so cute with his haircut. I had a hard time giving Connor his first haircut...something about it just makes you think you are losing your baby.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful children you have!! I need to get my kids picture taken. We always did the first haircut right after they turned one. James needed one really bad and Tom was at boot camp begging me not to do it but I said he looks like a hippie. Needless to say I did it and took a lot of pics. The boy had to look good for when he saw Daddy for the first time in months:)
Have a Blessed day,